Play Me by J.H. Croix

The Brit Boys Sports series is about four British men who now play soccer in the United States, and three of them have unexpectedly found love. Tristan Wells enjoys talking with women and he definitely has a rewarding sex life, but he has no desire to be in a lasting relationship. Any sexual encounters bring him pleasure, and he makes certain his partner is also satisfied but there is never any emotional connection. But the one time he kissed Daisy Knight has never been forgotten, and Tristan thinks they could have a very gratifying time together if he can just get her to agree. How the lives of this couple are changed following one conversation is expertly handled by J.H. Croix, where feelings and pleasurable fulfillment become entangled. I have adored Tristan since he was first met, and Daisy’s outspoken conduct has caused lots of smiles. Their own story is one I have been greatly anticipating, and PLAY ME never disappoints.

Even though Tristan Wells is a professional soccer player for the Seattle Stars, he still made time to get a medical degree. When he hurt his knee and had to quit playing for a season, he took over the task of managing a clinic which does research. A new study is ready to start, and Tristan is delighted upon realizing Daisy Knight will be working with him. The two met because of shared friends, and he definitely remembers their long-ago heated kisses.

While Daisy appears to ignore the strong attraction between them, Tristan wants to discover if her feelings are the same as his. During a conversation, he learns she wishes for two things in the future, and he is more than willing to be the first man who helps her attain an orgasm. But the idea of being in a committed relationship is certainly not for Tristan, or at least it was not until more time is spent with Daisy.

There is something about a man who does not show much emotion that makes me wants to see him lose control, and I got my wish multiple times in PLAY ME. Whenever Tristan is around Daisy, his normal mindset is overruled by lust, and I so enjoyed watching how he could not think clearly when around her. Both are intelligent people, but they could certainly become rattled when near each other. There is a wide range of emotions expressed in the story, and the intensity of every sentiment let me also experience the moment along with the characters. Whether Tristan and Daisy are blissfully happy or feeling confused and even upset, I was able to sense their inner thoughts and hopes. Since he has something to prove to her, sex between them is off-the-charts scorching all throughout PLAY ME.

It was also wonderful to catch up with all the past couples in the series, and any time these individuals got into discussions with Tristan or Daisy, their comments could be hilarious or very insightful. I have been thoroughly entertained by all the situations that have been compellingly brought to life by J.H. Croix in the Brit Boys Sports series, and I loved how everything played out in the fourth book.

I voluntarily reviewed the book, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Brit Boys Sports Romance – Book 4

Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services LLC

Releases:  August 17. 2017

Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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