Pregnant by the Colton Cowboy by Lara Lacombe

The Coltons of Shadow Creek continuity series is about a group of siblings and how the actions of their mother could perhaps bring danger into their lives. In the third book, a man has been deeply affected by circumstances surrounding his birth, and he does not see his life ever improving. But when a chance encounter with a woman has lasting consequences, their lives are forever changed. I found this story to be packed with lots of genuine emotions and unforeseen jeopardy, where a person could be joyously happy one moment and then facing death in the next instant. Lara Lacombe has several harrowing difficulties cropping up in the lives of her main couple, and I never knew how everything would ultimately work out for the likable characters until all was resolved. PREGNANT BY THE COLTON COWBOY has numerous mysteries, tender passion, and heartfelt emotions.

Since his father was much more involved in how Thorne Colton was raised, he became a man with strong convictions and a calm nature. Dating is not a regular pursuit, but that does not keep him from fantasizing about Maggie Lowell, the woman who does his father’s bookkeeping. She also secretly longs to grab his attention, and an unplanned incident lets them fulfill what each had only dreamed about doing. To keep Maggie from being shunned like him, Thorne thinks they should never be in a relationship because of how his mother’s criminal activities have tainted his own life.

When Maggie’s car blows up and she is hurt, it leads to the revelation that she is pregnant. Thorne is stunned to learn he is going to be a dad, but nothing will keep him from watching over the mother of his child and keeping them safe from any further peril. As the days go by with Maggie living at the ranch with him, he wonders if his future could possibly turn out differently than he has always expected.

Although Thorne is a cowboy who works hard and has dedicated much of his life to raising horses, he still has a soft side when it comes to those for whom he cares. I really enjoyed seeing his reactions to learning about his impending fatherhood, and his decisions afterward showed his true personality. A talk with his father is very touching, and any conversations in the story are definitely lifelike. Thorne has a hard time communicating what he actually feels, but his deeds did convey how he felt when the words were not spoken. Maggie is a delight, as she is strong and does not give up easily, even when things seem rather hopeless. I especially liked the scenes where she and Thorne talked about important details, as their inner thoughts and strengths were demonstrated to me.

How the ongoing troubles dealing with mother of Thorne are handled is cleverly portrayed by the author, as Lara Lacombe gave clues but nothing concrete until near the end. I like being given hints as to what is going on, but must keep an open mind as all is not known. PREGNANT BY THE COLTON COWBOY keeps you guessing with realistic and compelling developments. Many of Thorne’s siblings do make an appearance, and I liked knowing what was taking place in the lives of the characters already met as well as those whose stories are yet to come.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  The Coltons of Shadow Creek

Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  May 1, 2017


Genre:  Suspense

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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