Protector Wolf by Linda O. Johnston

Secrets, mysteries, and an unexpected romance can be found in the eighth Alpha Force story, and the original premise of this miniseries is once again intriguing with clever developments and engaging characters. A wolf shifter being able to change anytime with the aid of a special elixir is a big part of the storyline, and Linda O. Johnston has created a very special hero for the latest book. He is dedicated to his career and has a wonderful personality. The heroine is a spunky individual who is always ready to face a challenge. Together, they work to make certain no harm comes to any wolves, either those in the wild or if one turns out to be a shifter. The many different situations that arose in PROTECTOR WOLF are fascinating and definitely entertaining.

When wild wolves are sighted in the state of Washington near Tacoma, the military unit known as Alpha Force sends a member to look into the matter. The secretive group is made up of shapeshifters, and Lt. Ryan Blaiddinger will be trying to decide if any of the local wolves are like him and can change from human to animal form. Other groups are also taking notice of there now being more wolves in the area, and a woman from an organization that tracks wildlife has come to Fritts Corner in order to research their reappearance.

Since the data Maya Everton has collected could benefit Ryan’s investigation, he makes certain they talk and share specific information. While many local residents like the idea of having wolves in the nearby wilderness, some citizens think they are a menace and should be killed. When Maya goes in search of the wolves on her own, she could have been in big trouble if not for one seemingly protective wolf. Then she and Ryan end up working together to uncover any pertinent facts about the endangered species, but her whole perspective on wolves is altered when she happens to see him shift.

What is actually occurring in PROTECTOR WOLF is kept hidden for much of the book, so I was left guessing along with the main characters. As Maya and Ryan look for concrete evidence about the attacks on humans, I was eager for any new details they might find. Since he must keep his own shapeshifting identity concealed from others, I enjoyed seeing if he would use deception to get any proof. Being able to retain his human reasoning makes the story even more interesting, as Linda O. Johnston told several incidents from his viewpoint while in wolf form.

The past team members of the Alpha Force have all been charming, and I thought Ryan was especially appealing in every way. His interaction with Maya is often amusing at first, as he had to not let her know about his abilities. She is a determined person when it came to safeguarding the wolves, and she sometimes acted without thinking everything through, thus leading to circumstances with unforeseen consequences. Her relationship with Ryan is conceivable, as their love for wildlife is something which they certainly have in common. I hope there are additional books in the always captivating Alpha Force miniseries, because PROTECTOR WOLF makes me want more about these competent heroes.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Alpha Force

Publisher:  Harlequin Nocturne

Releases:  June 1, 2017


Genre:  Paranormal

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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