Rake’s Redemption by Chantal Fernando

514H+b2hmkLThere is often much drama in the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club series, and not all of it relates to clashes with a rival club. While many of the Wind Dragons members and the women with whom they are involved are only looking for a good time, occasionally one of the men comes across a special female that he wants to call his. In the previous books of the series, there have been several complicated relationships which eventually resulted in long-term commitment. But past history between Rake and Bailey makes any connection besides hostile seem impossible. Chantal Fernando has these two experiencing a wide range of highs and lows, where emotional conflicts all too often caused me to become very nervous about the outcome of any disagreement. RAKE’S REDEMPTION is constantly engaging with believable developments and a large group of original characters.

While everything about their teenage relationship seemed perfect to Adam and Bailey, their dreams of a happy future together do not take place. Years later, he is known as Rake and belongs to the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club. Though she lives not too far away, the two have never seen each other again until they happen to meet at a bar where he spends much time. Many memories of what they once shared are instantly recalled, but the reason Rake and Bailey broke up is also in their thoughts, a painful reminder of why they are not a couple any longer. Hurtful words are spoken, and neither wants to ever come in contact with the other again.

Though there have been countless women in Rake’s life since he was with Bailey, the only thing they meant to him was sexual pleasure, and lately he does not even feel much satisfaction afterward. When the one woman he actually loved comes back in to his life, old hurts haunt him. Bailey has also tried to move on, but seeing Rake again just proves she never got over him completely, no matter the distrust between them now. Yet when she is danger because of her association with the Wind Dragons member, what happened in their past is not nearly as important to him as the current circumstances.

Situations filled with intense emotions are often the focal point of the fourth Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club story. While there are some disputes with other motorcycle clubs, much of the focus is on Rake and Bailey. Now that their paths have crossed, they continuously struggle with feelings thought long dead. Although one night changed their opinion of each other, a love like theirs is hard to totally destroy. The way in which the reactions of this couple are conveyed deeply touched me, as each sentiment is absolutely realistic. Chantal Fernando exposes the depth of their feelings with honesty and great passion, and I was drawn into every aspect of their lives. I laughed when they enjoyed fun times with friends, and I felt like crying when hidden truths are revealed with frank openness. Interaction between Rake and Bailey turns blazingly hot when lust takes over, and I could sense just how much they craved each other even if they wanted to deny it. Emotions in RAKE’S REDEMPTION are repeatedly heartfelt, while sexual hunger is fueled by overwhelming desire.

All the delightful couples from the prior books in the series are featured from time to time, and many of their comments caused plenty of laughs, especially those spoken by Faye. Chantal Fernando has constructed an intriguing world for the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club, and I hope each compelling member and even some of those just linked to the group get their own story.

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Series:  Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club

Publisher:  Gallery

Releases:  June 28. 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/gwm6xrs

Genre:   Contemporary

Author website:  http://www.authorchantalfernando.com/

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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