Ready for Wild by Liora Blake

In the concluding story of the Grand Valley series, a man and woman enjoy being outdoors and both even like to hunt. While he is a game warden, she has her own TV show where hunting is the main topic. When they have to work together on a project, sparks fly when one issue after another is met with conflicting opinions. Yet even when his respect for nature battles with her flashy show ideas, there is still a simmering attraction between them that will not be denied. I laughed when a moment turned comical and repeatedly felt the heat of their passion. I was also deeply touched when this couple laid their hearts on the line. READY FOR WILD has very appealing characters plus an adventurous premise, and Liora Blake cleverly entwines delightful humor with heartfelt emotions to create a compelling story of unexpected romance.

Since Braden Montgomery likes the outdoors, he became a game warden in Colorado. At the present, he has no interest in having a relationship because of a past incident, so his time is devoted to his career and helping the community. When he gets word that a TV show about hunting might want to shoot some episodes around Grand Valley, he is not happy, even though the host of the program is female and temptingly hot.

After the area that he watches over is chosen to be the site of a televised elk hunt, Braden ends up spending much time with Amber Regan. While the couple often do not agree on a subject at first, he comes to realize there is much more to her than stunning looks and attention-grabbing clothes. Amber is trying her best to make this new series something hunters will enjoy watching, or there is a good possibility her show will not be renewed. Although Braden also entices her, she is not going to let him make decisions which could lead to her failing.

Though I live in the country and have always been around hunters, I have never been the one holding the gun. So it was interesting to read about a woman who can hold her own when it comes to knowing how to correctly track down her own dinner. Amber is very lively, says what she thinks, and is always ready for a good time. But there is also a side to her that wants something more in life, even if she is not completely aware of this fact. Braden has been burned by an ex-girlfriend, so he is cautious when it comes to women. But Amber is not like anyone whom he has encountered before, and their relationship is fiery from the start. At first it was different views which had them disagreeing and heated, but their arguments gradually turn to lust-filled fantasies coming true. These two are definitely enthusiastic when it comes to sex. Much soul-searching is also done by Amber and Braden, as Liora Blake gives them some difficult life choices.

Amusement is scattered all throughout the story, from witty comments to intelligent banter, and I always looked forward to Braden and Garrett conversing because their remarks where especially chuckle inducing. The scenes outdoors were vividly detailed and let me experience the moment to the fullest. READY FOR WILD has passionate romance, hilarity, and intense emotional circumstances.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher via NetGalley, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Grand Valley – Book 3

Publisher:  Gallery

Releases:  October 31, 2017


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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