Redeeming the Rebel Doc by Susan Carlisle

Often, an incident that happens to a person will deeply affect them for years afterward, and it sadly occurred to the main people in this romance with a compelling medical theme. Dr. Rex Maxwell endured an event when he was a teenager, and it altered how he wants to be perceived by others. A troubling family accident changed the life of Tiffani Romano, and having to interact with a doctor will recall bad memories. But to have better careers, these two individuals feel they must suppress any inner feelings for their own good. When a variety of circumstances gives Rex and Tiffani insight into what motivates the other, REDEEMING THE REBEL DOC becomes emotionally rewarding because of realistic developments. Susan Carlisle never disappoints when it comes to creating a captivating romantic story. I was totally immersed from the very beginning in the many situations that Rex and Tiffani had to face, and I became even more engrossed with each new episode.

Although countless surgeries had been successfully performed by Dr. Rex Maxwell, a family sued him for supposedly not doing everything he could to save a patient. While the lawsuit has been resolved, the hospital wants how they plus him are viewed by the community to be more positive, so a woman specializing in public relations is being brought in. Rex will have to be involved in the campaign since he is the reason for the negative opinions, and even though he would much rather concentrate on being a surgeon, he must comply.

By constantly hearing about her father’s previous experience with a doctor, Tiffani Romano has a preconceived notion about the man who needs her help. She just hopes the surgeon will follow all of her plans without too much arguing, as it will aid in her achieving several goals. While the ideas that Tiffani comes up with are not to Rex’s liking, it appears there is no way to avoid working closely with the determined woman.

There is so much to enjoy in REDEEMING THE REBEL DOC. Rex and Tiffani are a very animated couple. Their conversations are filled with clever comebacks, and both often seem to come out the winner. Numerous thoughts of these two were disclosed throughout the story which let me know what caused many of their reactions. A few of their responses were surprising, and I liked how they were always honest. Seemingly complete opposites when they first met, I was overjoyed if an event resulted in them looking more compatible, as it made me optimistic.

Susan Carlisle once again perfectly blends personal issues that challenge a relationship with convincing dilemmas to produce a constantly fascinating story. Anything that had to do with a medical problem is believably depicted, and I was definitely anxious during some of the more traumatic situations. Rex is a capable doctor, yet he lets the past rule part of his life, and Tiffani also has a history which influences her thinking. Questions need to be asked, and their futures could be directed by the answers.

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of the book, and all comments are my honest opinion

Publisher:  Harlequin Medical Romance

Releases:  February 20, 2018


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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