Redemption by Karin Tabke

When good vs. evil, there is often much uncertainty as to who will be the victor when the final confrontation plays out. If something paranormal is also tossed into the mix along with genuine emotions, then situations become even more complicated and this is the reason REDEMPTION captured my interest from the start. In this enchanting story from Karin Tabke, a man with a checkered past is given a final chance to make amends for his previous actions or pay an extremely high price. Having to protect a woman who has no idea that she is crucial in keeping malevolent immortals from gaining power is difficult enough. But since she is his former fiancée along with being unaware of her importance to the circumstances, his task is doubly challenging. REDEMPTION is attention-grabbing because of an abundance of secrets and original supernatural developments.

Though Zachary Garret is a police detective and faces danger on a regular basis, he never thought a car wreck while on duty would cause his death. But instead of ending up in hell which appeared to be his final destination, he is given the opportunity to save not only himself but the whole world. However there is a big problem, as the woman formerly his fiancée is involved and Danica Keller never wants him in her life again.

After hearing that Danica is the only person left who can save humanity but is unaware of her destiny, Zach finally agrees to try and persuade her to do what has been foretold. His choice to deceive her led to their breakup, but being around her again makes him yearn for what they had. Yet he has a responsibility to complete his mission first before letting his personal feelings control him.

Karin Tabke has a very vivid imagination, and REDEMPTION is a paranormal romance filled with fascination and spirited characters. Zach and Danica have been through a lot as a couple, and it would seem there is no way for their relationship to ever be restored as her sentiments were very clear to me on numerous occasions. Danica has been hurt by this man and knows nothing about the truth when it comes to the paranormal and her background. Yet she does not shy away when facts become known. Zach definitely made several prior decisions that he truly regrets, and what he chooses to do with a second chance to make up for at least one of them will determine the future for many.

The battle between those trying to help others and the individuals only thinking of themselves is intense at times, as neither side is willing to give in. I feared for Zach and Danica more than once, as their foes are strong. While not a long story, I still found the book to be entertaining. REDEMPTION was previously released in the anthology, WHAT YOU CAN’T SEE, and is now available as a separate eBook.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and these comments are my honest opinion

Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  January 9, 2017


Genre:  Paranormal

Author website:

Rating: 4 Stars

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