Reunited with His Runaway Bride by Robin Gianna

515qann-hilThe countless raw emotions in REUNITED WITH HIS RUNAWAY BRIDE are very realistic, and how two people try to hide their actual feelings is challenging. There was never a moment where I did not believe the characters were responding in a genuine manner, as their reactions are always spot-on for whatever situation they were facing. Deciding whether an individual is someone with whom you would look forward to being with every day for the rest of your life often comes with some tough choices, and Robin Gianna definitely puts her romantic couple through the wringer more than once as they are subjected to numerous stressful circumstances.

Although her relationship with another doctor had seemed like it would perhaps last forever, Dr. Bree Donovan came to realize several of her important objectives were not shared by Dr. Sean Latham. It has been six months since they parted, and though she would not admit it, he is repeatedly in her thoughts. She just hopes taking a new job far away will help her to get over the past and start looking forward. But an unforeseen incident puts Bree back in the life of Sean before she can escape the area.

When her pregnant best friend who is also Sean’s sister ends up having the baby early because of an accident and will have a long recovery, Bree finds herself taking care of the child along with her ex-fiancé. Being thrust into the lives of the man that she has never forgotten plus his nephew shows how her future might turn out if she is willing to change her long-held views about not having her own kids. What started out as a necessary reconnection could lead to another opportunity for Sean and Bree to be together, but first she will have to acknowledge their bond is still powerful.

While many books keep my feelings engaged from time to time, seldom does a contemporary story grab my thoughts from the very start and not let go until the last scene is read. REUNITED WITH HIS RUNAWAY BRIDE is a rare exception, as I eagerly devoured every word of this exceptionally well-written romance. Sean and Bree are in love yet cannot agree on some crucial issues, so she decides splitting up is best before they commit to each other. Yet Robin Gianna has an unexpected event comes into their lives, one which could possibly change their future plans. Though Bree had come to the conclusion there was no way for her and Sean to ever have a lasting relationship, being forced to spend time with him again for the sake of the lovable newborn often leaves her confused. I really enjoyed watching this goal oriented woman question her next step. Being privy to so many of Sean’s inner feelings had me wanting to give this caring man a big hug. I sighed when these two were happy and experiencing much contentment when together, and I wanted to cry when a situation went unbearably wrong.

There are plenty of moments which I will long remember, and some of the more joyous instances were when Sean and Bree had conversations packed with amusing banter. A few events involving the baby were also exactly as I recalled and certainly humorous, making me smile with fond memories. Several medical crises made the story a perfect read for this Harlequin line, and each episode came across as accurately compelling. Robin Gianna has created extraordinary characters for REUNITED WITH HIS RUNAWAY BRIDE.

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Publisher:  Harlequin Medical Romance

Releases:  September 1, 2016


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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