Ring of Fire by Susan Fox

51Od77s+PbLIn the seventh book of the Caribou Crossing series, the two main characters must confront hardships that impact their lives on a daily basis. Though vastly different, these unexpected problems have left them vulnerable yet neither lets it show. All throughout RING OF FIRE, lots of soul-searching must be done before numerous crucial decisions are made. The journey taken by Eric and Lark is filled with convincing incidents, unanticipated desire, and exceedingly realistic emotional reactions. Susan Fox makes RING OF FIRE compellingly believable.

After Major Eric Weaver was severely injured in Afghanistan and loss part of a leg, he is eventually sent to Caribou Crossing for therapy. Though it will take some time, he plans to once again be a Canadian soldier and continue with the only career that he has ever known. An unfortunate event has him meeting the town’s fire chief, Lark Cantrell, and he is greatly indebted to her assistance when he needed it most. A little later, their paths cross again when he and her son are both taking therapeutic riding lessons. Jayden was born with cerebral palsy, and he has benefited from the fun activity. Eric is not certain how much he will benefit from being on a horse, but if it might perhaps get him healed quicker, then he is willing to try after having several setbacks.

Though the only reason Eric has come to Caribou Crossing is to recover his physical plus mental health, he slowly starts to actually like living in the peaceful town where folks are always friendly. Being around Lark and her energetic son is what he finds most enjoyable, especially when he and the spirited firefighter have some time alone. But she has sworn off men after her disastrous relationship with her ex-husband, while Eric thinks there is no place in a soldier’s life for a woman. But how they feel when around each other almost makes them want to reconsider their beliefs.

Realism can be found on every page of RING OF FIRE. From true-to-life misfortunes to the happiest of times, I always felt as though the lives of someone I could easily know were being depicted. Descriptions of any character in the story are very genuine, and whether it pertains to their nature or a response, it is truly credible. Lark has much self-confidence about herself, and I had a great time watching her never back down from anything Eric says. How these two challenge each other is what made them such a fascinating romantic couple, although they certainly did not want to admit to it. She never wanted to get married again, while he plans to stay single. He also thinks his PTSD makes him unfit to be in a relationship. But their actions show what they cannot verbally communicate, as they repeatedly offer emotional support to each other. Susan Fox handles the matter of Eric’s mental struggles with much finesse, and any issues related to cerebral palsy are knowledgeably portrayed. Jayden is such a charming boy, and his behavior often caused me to smile. Lark and Eric definitely have no difficulty when it comes to expressing their sexual desire, and regardless of how these encounters start, they always turn very sultry because of lusty craving.

From time to time, a character from a past Caribou Crossing story is featured. It was great to revisit these likable people, and any of their published books can be read out of order without feeling lost at all. I am really looking forward to the upcoming holiday release in the series. A contemporary romance by Susan Fox is always heartfelt and never disappoints.

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Series:  Caribou Crossing – Book 7

Publisher:  Zebra

Releases:  May 31, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/japc89a

Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:  http://www.susanlyons.ca/

Rating:  5 Stars

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