Rogue Belador by Dianna Love

612stNWGUaL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_The seventh Belador story begins with a battle, and the many beloved characters in this series are either troubled by emotional complications or find themselves in a dangerous situation on every compelling page. Dianna Love totally captures my full attention with vivid descriptions and constant originality, and the paranormal world to which I am transported comes across as particularly believable. With the large number of characters in the series that I have come to really like, I immediately became involved in the latest personal story being told. Since Tzader Burke may finally get to have the future he has long desired or will lose everything important to him, I was eager to find out what he would have to face, and Dianna Love did not disappoint me. Every emotional conflict in ROGUE BELADOR captivates with deeply affecting realism.

Her position as the Belador queen means Brina is a very significant individual, and she has been under special protection for years. But an enemy’s attack has caused her mind to deteriorate and soon no personal facts will be remembered, causing the man in love with her much worry. Though some only care because of her heritage, Tzader Burke wishes for Brina to be his mate and is willing to do whatever is necessary to make it happen. As time passes with no improvement, he makes a deal that might bring back her memories, but it could come at a great cost to him.

By going to TÅμr Medb and doing the bidding of a being that seems to possess much knowledge, Tzader could possibly get the solution to saving Brina. Yet traveling to the place where the Belador enemy lives is not only dangerous for him, but could be fuel for a new war. As plans are made and answers are sought, hidden truths are discovered about the Beladors and Medb. Tzader receives the unexpected assistance of several close friends, and they each find it hard to obey the vows they have sworn to follow as secrets are exposed.

When it comes to urban fantasy stories, Dianna Love is a master. What takes place in the Belador series is frequently innovative, and the circumstances in the seventh book are sometimes perilous and always emotional. The traits assigned to each of the characters are certainly unique, and I was delighted by how many of the individuals I have come to love that were featured. I really want Casper to have a big part in an upcoming book, as someone with ghost traits fascinates me.

Evalle and her mate Storm plus Quinn all play major parts in ROGUE BELADOR, and it was great catching up with the events in their lives. But the major focus is on Tzader and what will happen to Brina. I have watched these two suffer throughout much of the series, and my heart ached for them each time another difficulty kept them apart. Their story is about not giving up hope, and it was heartwarming to also see the importance of friendship. One new character is definitely intriguing, while several of those who have been met before and only have evil objectives are once again up to their ruthless tricks. I never knew what would be the end result of more than one power struggle, as some abilities came as a surprise. Ms. Love has also created a new interesting creature, and I hope to see more of Oskar in a forthcoming book. ROGUE BELADOR has riveting action, profound emotions and unforeseen twists.

Received copy from author

Series:  Belador – Book 7

Publisher:  Silver Hawk Press LLC

Releases:  April 12, 2016


Genre:  Urban fantasy

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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  1. Thank you for another awesome and detailed review on my Belador books. I so appreciate it (and how you avoid spoilers)!! Also, I love you new home at Always Reviewing. It’s beautiful!!

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