Roomies by Christina Lauren

Filled with clever dialogue and charming characters, ROOMIES is a realistic story in today’s world. In order to help out a man who will be deported if discovered still living in the United States, a woman thinks marrying a virtual stranger is the best solution. What occurs after her impulsive decision are situations where plenty of soul-searching takes place because emotional predicaments must be worked out. The romantic couple created by the talented duo writing as Christina Lauren is interestingly original, as both have engaging personalities plus real-life issues to overcome. I immediately adored the two main characters, and truly did fret when events did not go as anticipated for them. ROOMIES is enchantingly delightful with imaginative scenarios that are very believable.

Even though Holland Bakker has never actually met the man who regularly plays a guitar in a New York City subway station, she feels drawn to him and his gift for music. One night after an unexpected conversation where she learns his name is Calvin Mcloughlin, a stranger tries to take her phone and she is injured. Afterward, it seems the performer helped her out, but he leaves before she can thank him. When her uncle needs to replace a musician in the Broadway show that he directs, Holland thinks this is an opportunity to let Calvin know she is grateful plus could also assist him.

When Calvin auditions, his talent earns him the spot. But since he has remained in the states after the time on his student visa ended, he cannot take the job because of feared repercussions. Then an idea is voiced which would have Holland marrying the man from Ireland so he could legally work for the theater. After very little deliberation, she takes the proposal to Calvin and he agrees. While they try to persuade the authorities that their marriage is authentic, their feelings begin to also feel very genuine.

A pretend marriage storyline always intrigues me, as I enjoy seeing how two people will react to spending time together in an intimate setting. Though Holland may have fantasied about Calvin for months, she really does not know much about his private life. What they experience after marrying is depicted with convincing circumstances that are often fascinating because of their responses. I liked how the authors showed the couple having conversations where they were openly honest, and those moments when they interacted with others were especially pleasurable when Holland’s Uncle Robert was involved. I smiled numerous times when this charismatic man was featured.

The relationship of Holland and Calvin is certainly not conventional, as they knew very little about one another at the beginning. But the journey they took in learning about each other is beautifully told by Christina Lauren. From past history to current likes, truths were revealed and secrets are also exposed. The musical aspects in the story are exciting, as it let me get a glimpse of Broadway shows and those who have hopeful aspirations. ROOMIES is about individuals and the possibility of making their dreams come true. The unique relationship of Calvin and Holland will be recalled again and again.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher, and all comments are my honest opinion

Publisher:  Gallery Books

Releases:  December 5, 2017


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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