Royal Enchantment by Sharon Ashwood

The Camelot Reborn miniseries is truly intriguing because of how the distinctive characters known from legend are brought to life in order to keep the human population safe. The group of knights known for their fighting skills plus bravery will put their lives on the line for anyone, but in this story, someone very dear to King Arthur might perhaps be in need of his expertise. When Guinevere comes back into his life, they both must confront the emotional issues which affected their relationship in the past, as these troubling matters could keep them from moving forward in the present. I became totally caught up in the many happenings this couple had to face, from problems caused by the fae to those linked in how they perceived the other. ROYAL ENCHANTMENT is noteworthy because Sharon Ashwood has made every moment believable.

A long time ago when King Arthur aligned himself and his knights with the fae to keep humans from harm, one upcoming battle was disastrous to any being who was a Faery and they vowed revenge. Merlin then enchanted those who sat around the Round Table so they would sleep until they were once again needed to protect mortals. The time has come for Arthur and his loyal knights to battle the fae, and they are disguised as employees at a medieval theme park in present day Washington state. As the courageous king prepares to fight, he thinks back to when Guinevere was by his side.

What Arthur did not know is that Merlin also put his queen under the same spell, and now she has been awoken. But Gwen is no longer satisfied to keep a low profile and not speak her thoughts, because before she was always left in the dark when any plans were made. As the peril escalates for anyone living in the modern world, Arthur and Guinevere find their relationship having its own personal difficulties.

Arthur and his knights have had to adapt themselves to a world unlike the one they left, and it is always fun to see these men using phones and riding in cars instead of traveling on a horse. Sharon Ashwood has reasonable explanations for every situation that arises, and often the crafty Merlin is at the center of any solution. I was frequently in awe of how the author made so many factors connected to the past seem as though they could take place in our current world, and I especially enjoyed seeing what occurred when a dragon or some other mythical creature appeared. Exceedingly colorful descriptions make ROYAL ENCHANTMENT constantly fascinating, and each new adventure keeps the interest high.

Since Gwen is willing to clash with Arthur over her lack of independence, he quickly discovers his wife is not as meek as when they first married. What he sees as being protective has her feeling stifled, and I really had a great time watching them try to find a way to actually be happy together. Balancing his duties as king with those responsibilities a wife expects of her husband was not at all easy for Arthur, and though there is much passion between them, trust will also play a big part in what ultimately happens. I have always thought the myth about King Arthur and Guinevere was very interesting, and Sharon Ashwood gives an imaginative perspective on this fable.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Camelot Reborn

Publisher:  Harlequin Nocturne

Releases:  July 1, 2017


Genre:  Paranormal

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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