Runaway Heiress by Jennifer Morey

The latest Cold Case Detectives story has one of the people who work for Dark Alley Investigations researching a murder that a client wants resolved. Jasper Roesch is a former police officer, and he is very good at his current job. But as he talks with the individual who wants answers, he senses Sadie Moreno is not disclosing all she knows. As he tries to find any relevant information, his personal feelings get involved and making certain she stays safe becomes a priority. Jennifer Morey has lots of mysteries in her story, and I was intrigued with each new detail that was learned. Suspense builds in RUNAWAY HEIRESS because of the huge number of unknowns.

Although Sadie Moreno is the heir of her very wealthy father, she finally had enough of his callous behavior and quit following his demands. Much of her time now is dedicated to helping the homeless, and she has even started a center to assist them in having a better life. Sadly, one of the men whom Sadie aided was murdered by an undetermined person, and she is determined to find his killer.

But on her way to hire Dark Alley Investigations in order to hopefully solve the case, she is shot. Jasper Roesch works for the company, and he is put in charge of keeping Sadie from further harm plus learn who killed the man that she befriended. When it becomes apparent the person intent on coming after her is not giving up, Jasper devises a solution which should keep her protected. As the two grow closer while hiding, facts each are keeping from the other could affect their futures.

With numerous facts in RUNAWAY HEIRESS remaining hidden at first, I kept speculating about what was really happening plus who was the culprit behind any wrongdoings. Jennifer Morey definitely had me guessing as to what Sadie was keeping concealed about herself, and I was very surprised when all is eventually revealed. The author certainly built up the suspense about her heroine’s puzzling life, and it was fun trying to predict how all aspects would turn out. Since there is someone who wants to hurt Sadie, threats could occur at any time regardless of what she doing. This opportunity for unforeseen danger to take place makes the story more gripping.

Jasper is a competent investigator for the agency, but he does have some personal issues to overcome, just like Sadie. They each have doubts caused by past experiences that will not go away easily, and these misgivings make their relationships have plenty of ups and downs. A few unexpected turns add new complications to their lives, and wanting to discover how things would work out kept me reading. Another compelling installment to the Cold Case Detectives miniseries.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Cold Case Detectives

Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  September 1, 2017


Genre:  Suspense

Rating:  4 Stars

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