Searching for Disaster by Jennifer Probst

51yow6xyw8lThe Searching For series ends with a very compelling story by having its romantic couple explore numerous realistic issues. Jennifer Probst definitely did not make circumstances easy for William Devine and Isabella MacKenzie, as they had several crucial matters to overcome before they could be more than just passing acquaintances. I really liked how the author chose to give these two a past history that would greatly influence how they would react during a future meeting. When either chance or I would like to imagine destiny has them reconnecting, I eagerly waited to see their responses anytime they met up. By the time the book concluded, I was certainly smiling and totally satisfied. SEARCHING FOR DISASTER by the talented Jennifer Probst is profoundly heartfelt and filled with passion.

There was a time in her life when Isabella MacKenzie lived for the moment, not really caring about her future. But the time finally did come for trying to be more responsible, and a steady job at Kinnections is helping her feel more confident. As the receptionist for an exclusive matchmaking agency, Izzy gets the opportunity to prove she is trustworthy. Though her three bosses think she needs to be dating, as they all have found someone special, she says the time is not yet right for her. Hopefully, they will not push her.

When fate steps in and puts a certain man back in her life, Izzy is at first hesitant to even talk with him. While there may be an intense bond between her and William Devine, she knows their lives took much different paths after their one glorious night together. Yet Liam has always been great at attaining any of his objectives, and he wants Izzy.

What Izzy had to prevail over because of some bad choices is very convincing. She has turned her life around since hooking up with Liam six years ago, but her self-esteem is still rather low. Though he is direct about his intentions when they see each other again, she lacks the confidence to actually believe a relationship with the respected police officer could ever work. Jennifer Probst has each of their responses coming off as particularly true-to-life, as sincere feelings back their reactions. Liam is such an honest man, one who says what he means and always follows through with any declaration, while Izzy also tries to convey her inner thoughts in a straightforward manner.

While there are lots of serious emotions depicted in the story, a number of scenes portray delightful humorous moments. Those occasions when an animal is involved are especially amusing, and I well remember my own experiences being exactly as described. The desire Liam and Izzy feel for one another is often off-the-charts steamy, and they hold nothing back when they get together. The three women who run Kinnections are featured from time to time along with Izzy’s twin sister, and it was fantastic getting to catch up on the current happenings in their lives and the men close to them. While the Searching For stories may be over, I hope some of the main characters make an appearance in an upcoming series from Jennifer Probst. SEARCHING FOR DISASTER has a touch of magic, an abundance of emotions and very spirited characters.

Copy received from publisher

Series:  Searching For

Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  October 10, 2016


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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