Secret Agent Under Fire by Geri Krotow

With heightened danger and lives on the line, the fourth story in the Silver Valley P.D. miniseries is thrilling plus entertaining. In previous books, a religious cult arrived in a picturesque Pennsylvania town and its members created a variety of problems for the local citizens. So far, the residents in Silver Valley have stopped any of the trouble these fanatics have tried to instigate, but their latest scheme is the most ambitious yet. With the help of an agency called Trail Hikers and a woman who is an arson expert, the once peaceful town will hopefully once again be a great place to live without constant fear. I enjoyed seeing two individuals put aside any differences for the good of others, and the unexpected romance between the couple added lots of interesting developments. SECRET AGENT UNDER FIRE has perilous circumstances interwoven with emotional issues, and Geri Krotow builds the suspense with each new predicament.

When Abigail Redland was ready to leave the FBI, she was not anticipating a new career with the Trail Hikers, a covert government agency. The organization works out of Silver Valley, Pennsylvania, and she is now using her skills as an arson investigator to hopefully discover who is behind the town’s many unsolved fires over the past three months. Unfortunately, it means Abi must come in contact with the local fire chief, and though she and Keith Paruso want the suspect caught, both have their own opinions about how to make it happen.

While keeping the town and its citizens safe is most important to Keith, he also has a personal reason for stopping the arsonist as he still feels the repercussions from a false accusation. When Abi is told to work with the fire chief and combine their information, she is not happy but will do what must be done to bring the criminal to justice. Even if it means being around a man to whom she is attracted. But when the fires head in a deadlier direction, Keith and Abi know time is not on their side.

Relationships can be complicated, and when there are secrets being kept, things often get even more difficult for the two people involved. Abi is under obligation to not tell Keith about her being a Trail Hiker, and she is reluctant to reveal her actual feelings for him, too. Though they are most concerned about uncovering those responsible for setting the fires and always remain dedicated to the task, they cannot keep desire for the other from entering their thoughts from time to time. It was enjoyable watching Keith and Abi together, as they might bicker over a detail or show admiration for the other’s intelligence. There were also some quick-witted comments expressed, and their teasing had me smiling.

Several past characters are featured throughout the book, and it was great seeing what was now going on in their lives. Geri Krotow also includes many specific facts about the story’s setting, making scenes more realistic. The cult now known as New Thought has caused much havoc in Silver Valley for months, and the events that take place in SECRET AGENT UNDER FIRE have the threats intensifying. I never knew what would happen next or who would be affected, and I was kept guessing until the very end.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Silver Valley P.D.

Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  April 1, 2017


Genre:  Suspense

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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