Secret Child by Ann Major

There are lots of dramatic scenes in SECRET CHILD, and each one is packed with emotion. From situations where honest feelings are displayed to moments filled with uncontrollable reactions, the story constantly shows how two people react to the same event. A romantic couple who think happiness will never be in their lives again has been imaginatively created by Ann Major. What they have to face is often moving, and any decision could drastically alter what happens to them. The many unknowns in the book kept me reading to discover what would ultimately be disclosed, and there are several shocking surprises as the story progressed. I was stunned more than once, as Ann Major has written a compelling romance where secrets cause much chaos.

Since the past life of Bronte Devlin as well as her present one has been filled with heartache, she feels there will be little joy in her future. Yet when she is hit by a car and her face is severely injured, she wants to live and consents to a doctor’s strange proposal. The offer leads to her taking on the identity of a Texas woman who has much to hide. With the other woman being married, Bronte is eventually confronted by Jack West as he thinks she is his wife.

After way too many years locked up in prison for an offence that was not committed by him, Jack is finally once again free. But his time in jail has hardened him, and he blames his wife for her part in letting him be accused. When the two met, Jack notices the behavior of Bronte is much different from what he remembers, so questions keep mounting up.

The author certainly does not make it easy for Jack and Bronte, as they have one heated confrontation after another. Both feel they are very alone in the world, and sometimes this belief has them reacting with anger because of their hurtful pasts. It also has them craving kindness from another person, and this causes some impulsive choices. Lots of insight into the reasons for their current way of thinking let me come to understand this couple much better, and though I did not always agree with their actions, I could empathize with them. Plenty of uncertainties add confusion to the lives of Jack and Bronte, and I really felt for them and all they had to experience. SECRET CHILD is the eighth book in the thrilling Texas: Children of Destiny series, and the intriguing details kept me captivated.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the author, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Texas: Children of Destiny – Book 8

Publisher:  Major Press LLC

Releases:  August 19, 2017


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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