Seducing the Defendant by Chantal Fernando

Lots of issues need to be worked out in the second book of the Conflict of Interest series, where emotions are conflicted and passion runs high. There are also a wide variety of characters in the story, from dedicated lawyers to loyal bikers, and their diverse personalities made the scenes more interesting. While some attorneys are known for being straitlaced and always formal, those working for Bentley & Channing Law are often lighthearted and have much fun. I really enjoyed their banter-filled conversations at the office. Since I have read the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club series, it was great seeing several of its members again, but knowing anything about these individuals is certainly not a requirement to enjoy this novel. Chantal Fernando skillfully interweaves a previous series with her newer one to create an entertaining plus compelling story. SEDUCING THE DEFENDANT has numerous challenges, where outcomes are crucial in determining future lives.

When Jaxon Bentley is offered the chance to represent Scarlett Reyes in court, the criminal lawyer wants to speak with his potential client in person before agreeing. The wealthy woman is thought to have killed her husband, and now that his body has been found, a trial will soon be starting. During their conversation, many significant questions are asked by Jaxon. Though there is nothing to prove her innocence, he is affected by what Scarlett says and takes the case, hoping something relevant can be tracked down.

Since Scarlett’s husband was a cop, the case is even more complex. After some research reveals a person of interest who is linked to the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club, a discreet inquiry is made by Jaxon. What the attorney discovers about the murdered man makes it seem like he was hiding plenty of secrets in his life. As Jaxon works to defend Scarlett on the murder charge by exposing the facts, the two grow unexpectedly close.

Part of SEDUCING THE DEFENDANT deals with a court case, but much of the story focuses on Jaxon and Scarlett’s relationship. At first, he is very professional, but the more he is around her, the more his feelings about the possible killer are influenced. I liked how his inner thoughts are conveyed when his viewpoints are expressed, as they let me know what he was thinking regardless of how he acted. Jaxon is definitely a man who can show a woman a good time, whether in the bedroom or out. He is thoughtful and makes certain Scarlett receives whatever will bring her happiness, and he is very attuned to her sexual desires, resulting in plenty of exceedingly sensuous encounters. She is also a very compassionate person, always willing to help those in need. Their discussions are realistic, making me feel as though their relationship was believable.

While most of the story centers around emotional topics, there is a little suspense plus one huge unforeseen development. I was deeply stunned when this incident occurred, as I was not expecting anything like this to happen. Chantal Fernando certainly caught me off guard. I am really looking forward to the upcoming books about other people associated with the law firm. SEDUCING THE DEFENDANT takes the reader on an emotional journey.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher via NetGalley, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Conflict of Interest – Book 2

Publisher:  Gallery

Releases:  November 14, 2017


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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