See You at Sunset by V. K. Sykes

51Lons8AlyL._SX308_BO1,204,203,200_The attraction of living in a town like Seashell Bay is evident all through SEE YOU AT SUNSET, where residents are likable along with plenty of downhome charm. Their willingness to aid someone would make the area a great place to live, while several of its citizens have unique behavior that made me smile and even laugh at their antics. The romantic couple in the book is particularly interesting, and many of the challenges they had to face moved me. V. K. Sykes is a married couple that always creates believable predicaments for their characters to triumph over, and each dilemma conceived in the third Seashell Bay story is emotionally convincing. SEE YOU AT SUNSET is heartwarmingly realistic.

Just when Holly Tyler is about to begin to a new career and move from Boston to New York City, a family crisis has her returning to Seashell Bay where she grew up. Two of her aunts run the family business on the island located off Maine, and one of them is ill and can no longer work. So Holly has put her life on hold to help because her relatives mean much to her. Upon her arrival, several good friends greet her and are ready to assist in any way needed. Also waiting to see her is Micah Lancaster, who takes his job as a deputy sheriff very seriously. While Holly has known him for years since they grew up together, his attitude toward her seemed to have changed during her last visit.

Although Micah is definitely an outstanding man, she does not intend to have a relationship with him, as she has a career to start plus is involved with someone. While the deputy does like assisting those who live on Seashell Bay Island, he really enjoys any circumstances that concern Holly. She may have come back to the island to help in keeping the general store running, but Micah hopes she will make some time for him.

There is never an instance when I did not feel as though I actually knew the numerous delightful characters appearing in SEE YOU AT SUNSET. From the older residents and their colorful comments to the good friends of Holly and Micah, they all seemed like individuals who might live in a quaint town. How so many of the townsfolk rallied around each other was heartening to see, and I hurt right along with them when things did not go as planned. A mystery takes place in the book, one which could happen anywhere, and some suspenseful incidents occur before all is finally cleared up.

Micah and Holly are a romantic couple that I really wanted to see work out their differences. He is truly a remarkable man, dedicated to his job as a local deputy plus thoughtful in countless ways, especially when it related to Holly. His compassionate nature is evident on so many occasions, and each new situation had me liking him even more. Holly is also someone willing to support others, because she put her family before herself. She has to make some tough choices at times, and the deciding factors imagined by V. K. Sykes are very true-to-life. Every moment in the novel is honestly genuine, regardless of whether a conversation is being held or someone is just reacting. I am hoping lots more people connected to Seashell Bay will get a future story. SEE YOU AT SUNSET has endearing characters, profound emotions and compelling developments.

Copy received from NetGalley

Series:  Seashell Bay #3

Publisher:  Forever

Releases:  February 23, 2016


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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