Seeking Mr. Wrong by Natalie Charles

Several years ago, I read three very intriguing suspense stories written by Natalie Charles. So when I saw this author had penned a new book, I was definitely thrilled. Though the story is contemporary, Ms. Charles still kept my interest with her many compelling characters and the clever plot. When circumstances force a kindergarten teacher to drastically change her writing style, the possibility is high of her plans not going as desired. Toss in a sexy man who causes plenty of fantasies, and things just might get better if she can get over her fear of perhaps being hurt. Natalie Charles takes her romantic couple on a journey of self-discovery, resulting in SEEKING MR. WRONG being funny and heartfelt.

There have not been any extraordinary highpoints in Lettie Osbourne’s life, but getting married soon would hopefully turn out to be fulfilling. But the event never happens as her intended broke their engagement right before their wedding day. So it seems her two careers will have to bring her happiness. Lettie does enjoy being a kindergarten teacher, while writing books for young children is also rewarding. As the new school year starts, she plans to put her energy into being a good educator and not think about her depressing private life.

Yet not all goes as Lettie wished, as the school has a new vice principal, Eric Clayman, a man whom she does not completely trust because of a prior incident. Then she discovers her just completed book is not wanted, but writing an erotic story could be profitable. Her need for money has Lettie agreeing to see if she can create a book full of sex scenes. With her personal experience not being that kinky, she will probably have to seek out some helpful information. At least her mind is already conjuring up a few inventive encounters starring her new co-worker, and these imaginings could conceivably be turned into a story.

The first thing I noticed about SEEKING MR. WRONG was how the characters seemed like ordinary folks living in a typical town. As the story progressed, I got to know some of the individuals and what made them unique. When any goals or dreams are revealed, I came to realize what motivated many of the people in the community. Though some are vocal about their objectives, others like Lettie typically keep their wishes to themselves. She is a rule follower and always hopes for the best, but often her loyalty does not bring joy. This frequently happens in real life, and Ms. Charles had me feeling her dejection time and again.

SEEKING MR. WRONG entertains with delightfully engaging situations. The relationship of Lettie and Eric has plenty of ups and downs because of misunderstandings plus challenging obstacles. I felt their sadness when longings were beyond reach, and I rejoiced with them if an event was to their liking. The author made me care about the couple, and her way of giving their perspectives let me know how both viewed a happening. To go from writing a story for young children to creating a story packed with lusty sex is a big step for Lettie, and there are numerous moments in the story where her thoughts are truly amusing. It would be nice to revisit the town and have additional personal stories told.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher, and these comments are my honest opinion

Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  February 13, 2017


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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