Shades of Wrath by Karen Rose Smith


51m1jma2o1lFor the sixth book in the Caprice De Luca Home Staging Mystery series, the danger keeps increasing for the main character who turns amateur sleuth once more when a person in her hometown is murdered. Caprice De Luca is a professional home stager with a reputation for making every detail perfect. She is also curious by nature, and frequently becomes involved when there are lots of questions connected to the killing of someone whom she knows. Getting those much needed answers becomes very important to her, because she not only cares but wants justice. I never knew what would happen in an upcoming scene or who might perhaps be accused of the crime. Karen Rose Smith intricately entwines many clues with possible suspects to make her mysteries exceptionally riveting. Also, the issue of domestic violence is tackled with realism and sensitivity in this story. SHADES OF WRATH intrigues with a wide range of motives and lively characters.

The houses that Caprice De Luca stages are usually being decorated to be sold. But her latest project will be done so women facing a crisis will have a relaxed place to stay. A large older house has been donated to be a women’s shelter, and Wendy Newcomb would like to make the place inviting with help from the talented home stager. Caprice is someone who likes to aid people and even animals in need, so she wants to do her part.

At her first meeting with Wendy, a disagreement with a man known to them both is taking place and Caprice overhears much of it. Later, another appointment never takes place because Wendy is dead and it appears to have not been an accident. Since Caprice knows about a couple of instances where the woman had been confronted by angry individuals, she wonders if one took their rage a step further. Although plenty is going on in her own life at the moment, she still makes time to look for evidence as to what really happened to Wendy before their meeting.

There are numerous activities that Caprice takes part in, and delving into many of them let me get a sense of the person she truly is inside. She loves animals, and helps to find homes for those which are strays. Her work as a home stager is certainly important to her, and clients are treated with respect. Much of her life is centered on family, and gatherings including food are special. I definitely got hungry when several very tasty meals were being prepared. Her romance with Grant is moving forward, and these moments are made personal.  Ms. Smith gives her characters believable temperaments, and Caprice is uniquely delightful. When she cannot keep herself from looking into a murder, then her inquisitive behavior really shines.

In SHADES OF WRATH, the list of those who might be guilty just keeps growing and a few of the additions are unexpected. I always try to read the mysteries of Karen Rose Smith very carefully, as I never know where a hint might be revealed. Once again, I was repeatedly caught off guard when facts are finally disclosed, making the story full of surprises. Caprice may try and stay out of the investigation, but she just seems to wind up in situations where something new is learned and trouble often follows these discoveries. With the way in which the story concluded, I am eager to see what occurs next in Caprice’s life. There are constant mysteries to solve in SHADES OF WRATH, where truths are not guaranteed until the very end.

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Series:  Caprice De Luca Home Staging Mystery

Publisher:  Kensington

Releases:  November 29, 2016


Genre:   Mystery

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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