Shielded by the Cowboy SEAL by Bonnie Vanak

In the second SOS Agency story, a woman who has been abused by her husband needs help, and the organization run by a good friend’s husband finds her a place to stay while making decisions about her future. This puts two people together that are seeking answers for different problems, and trust needs to be built between them or even more danger may come into her life. From the moment I started reading SHIELDED BY THE COWBOY SEAL, I was totally caught up in the many fascinating events happening to the two main characters, and each episode compelled me to keep reading in order to discover their next adventure. Bonnie Vanak has constructed an extremely gripping story of suspense, where the unexpected occurs without any warning.

Though her marriage had been bad for a long time, an incident made Meg Taylor realize she had to leave Florida and find a solution to the troubling issue that he had caused. After placing a call to a friend, she has arrived in a small town up north where she will be given a place to stay and hopefully will not be found by her rich soon to be ex-husband. Meg will be living on a farm which is owned by the family of Cooper Johnson, and the Navy SEAL will watch over her while home on leave. Although he recently lost his sister when the vest she was wearing did not keep her from being shot when answering a call about a disturbance, he is still willing to put his grief aside when a friend asks for his assistance.

After Cooper meets Meg, he gradually comprehends the woman once living a wealthy lifestyle is not really self-centered like he first thought. He also learns she knows some crucial facts that her husband does not want leaked. When more secrets are exposed, Cooper and Meg must decide on a workable solution, one which could perhaps aid them both.

SHIELDED BY THE COWBOY SEAL increases the suspense with one surprising twist after another. While a couple of developments seemed rather insignificant at the time, I came to understand they played a part in a much bigger scheme. Then there were the situations where a life was actually in danger, and I became very anxious because the outcome was questionable. Some reasons for any trouble are known while others are cleverly divulged as the story progresses. Just when I believed things were finally being figured out in my mind, some new detail was disclosed and I had to change the direction of my thoughts.

Bonnie Vanak has created a story packed with dangerous threats, and interwoven this peril with a very complicated romance. Cooper and Meg have suffered emotional heartache and personal losses, and it is hard for them to think better days will actually materialize. The situations in their lives are depicted with much realism, and I knew there were many obstacles that would keep them from ever being in a relationship unless they became more positive. Cooper is strong when others need him, yet the loss of his sister leaves him feeling like a part of him is missing. Meg has always tried to do what is right, but nothing ever seems to go as planned. The author puts the couple through a series of situations filled with honest reactions, heightened passion, and hopeful dreams before they can ever find lasting happiness.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and these comments are my honest opinion

Series:  SOS Agency

Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  February 1, 2017


Genre:  Suspense

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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