Snared by Jennifer Estep

There is never a shortage of bad guys in the city of Ashland, and Gin Blanco does not plan on letting any of them continue their ruthless ways if at all possible. In the sixteenth Elemental Assassin book, evil intentions take a horrific turn, and all the beloved characters previously met are ready to bring this reign of terror to a halt. Whether Gin was fighting for her life or trading quips with Finn, I was completely caught up the engaging situations taking place. Jennifer Estep consistently captures my interest in her latest urban fantasy story, where the quest to finding answers about ongoing mysteries continues and evildoers are combated. SNARED has surprising incidents and numerous death-defying battles.

While sneaking around and spying on certain Ashland residents is not a favorite activity of Gin Blanco, it is necessary if she wants to learn about the group known as the Circle. Its members are responsible for much of the wrongdoing in her city, and the woman who is often called the Spider also has a personal reason for wanting their merciless schemes brought to a standstill. Though Gin does uncover some relevant facts from time to time, way too much remains a mystery and she is tired of waiting for answers.

When a young woman disappears one night, Gin immediately stops focusing on the Circle until the fate of the individual is discovered. What is gradually revealed just proves that Ashland has more than its share of corruption, and she is somehow linked to what is currently happening. But one thing Gin is extremely good at doing is stopping evil, and she is not about to let it win.

Regardless of the events going on in the life of Gin and her friends, I equally enjoyed their downtime and the many colorful entanglements in which they became involved. The conversations that she has with anyone who supports her are repeatedly comical when cheerfulness is needed. Yet each person can turn deadly when a situation calls for it. I have come to know those around her very well over the course of so many stories, and it feels like I am visiting with people who could easily be my friends.

Danger is definitely real in the story, and Gin quickly becomes immersed in stopping it from escalating. As she searches for evidence as to whom is responsible for a current problem in Ashland, looking for any hints about the Circle are still simmering in the back of her mind because of how this group is connected to her tragic past. Her intensely vivid dreams give her and the reader some additional facts, and I can tell there are more important truths just waiting to be exposed.

SNARED is entertaining from the start, and the enjoyment only increases with each new development. Scenes where Gin is fighting to stay alive are a big highlight of the Elemental Assassin series, and she once again uses her Ice and/or Stone abilities to put a big hurt on others. There are several instances where she and Owen get to express their feelings for each other, and I found the moments to be believably heartwarming. Whatever Jennifer Estep imagines for the next Elemental Assassin book is guaranteed to be enthralling.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Elemental Assassin – Book 16

Publisher:  Pocket Books

Releases:  April 25, 2017


Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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