So Over You by Kate Meader

Hockey, family matters, and a complicated relationship are all explored in the second book of the Chicago Rebels series, and I was captivated by each situation that developed. Details about playing a professional sport are delved into, where the importance of physically preparing for a game along with being mentally ready is shown. Also outside influences can certainly cause havoc on game day. Isobel Chase and Vadim Petrov must adjust to learning about recently discovered family members, and I thought any discussions were genuine because old hurts often resurfaced. As for whether the couple will ever be more than owner and player this time around, they will first have to face some very tough and often poignant challenges. Kate Meader has created a believable romance with a compelling sports theme and a very engaging couple. SO OVER YOU is humorous, sensuous, and repeatedly emotional.

When Isobel Chase had the opportunity to play in the National Women’s Hockey League, almost all her objectives connected to this particular sport were now met, and hopefully her few remaining ambitions would soon be achieved. But an injury right after her first game started meant her professional career was already over. While Isobel can no longer participate on a team she still has much knowledge to share. So when she and her two sisters become co-owners of the Chicago Rebels, she becomes a consultant for the men’s hockey team.

After a repeated knee problem kept Vadim Petrov from performing his best, the player who grew up in Russia is traded to the Chicago Rebels. Upon learning Isobel will be helping him get back in shape, he is not at all happy. The two knew each other when teenagers, and a fling between them had bad results. But Vadim and Isobel are now adults, and it appears there are several things they could teach each other even when they are not practicing on the ice.

While I do not know a lot about hockey, it was easy to become enthralled in the story because of its delightful characters and fascinating premise. Vadim is Russian, and some of his comments when confused caused huge grins. There were also moments where he knew exactly what he was saying and his sly wit was evident. Since Isobel says what she thinks, their conversations were very lively if she did not filter her words. When the hockey players were together, their talks could be serious or comical, just like most of the family chats. I especially enjoyed the times when remarks were about an adorable dog.

SO OVER YOU is about a second opportunity to find lasting happiness in all aspects of life. Though Vadim and Isobel have known each other for eight years, neither thought they could actually be together because of too many differences plus obstacles. Yet when they are once again in contact with one another, they realize the passion they felt as teenagers was nothing compared to what they now feel. I thought the way in which their relationship progressed was convincing, as they experienced numerous ups and downs. The one area where Isobel and Vadim are always fun to observe was their sexual encounters because of all the banter and enthusiasm. Kate Meader makes SO OVER YOU enjoyably entertaining.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher via NetGalley, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Chicago Rebels – Book 2

Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  December 4, 2017


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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