Sparking the Fire by Kate Meader

518lowrh3elSadly, the Hot in Chicago series featuring one of my all-time favorite families has come to an end. But numerous situations endured by the Dempsey foster siblings will be recalled again and again. Humor can be found throughout the story, most often in the form of sarcastic retorts yet sometimes an event is also very comical. But intermingled amongst the witty moments is an equal amount of drama, where family matters must be sorted out or relationship dilemmas need to be resolved. Kate Meader has given her romantic couples in each book plenty of trials to overcome, and every problem in the last book of the series is once again realistically convincing. I was frequently amazed at how true-to-life the dialogue is during all conversations, while reactions to any circumstances are genuine every time. SPARKING THE FIRE entertains with likable characters that experience one cleverly crafted happening after another.

When Molly Cade hooked up with Wyatt Fox five years ago for several glorious nights, she was hoping to become a famous Hollywood actress while he was thinking about his future as a Marine. Though she did make it big in the film industry, her career went downhill because of some highly publicized personal problems. When the opportunity arises for her to make a movie about firefighters, Molly knows it is an excellent chance to improve how she is perceived, and hopefully make the public want to see her on the big screen once again. They will be shooting in Chicago and need an actual firefighter to be a consultant, and the captain of Engine Company 6 has the perfect candidate.

Wyatt is now a firefighter like his siblings, but was recently injured during a rescue and cannot work as usual. When he is offered the assignment of helping to keep details in a movie accurate, he is not enthused until he realizes Molly will be involved. They definitely shared some special evenings together, and he has never been with anyone as exciting since then. So he is looking forward to possibly reigniting the passion between them. As Wyatt takes Molly and the crew through a short session of what being a firefighter is really like, the two long separated lovers recall every single moment when they were previously together. Given that she wants to accomplish a goal that he opposes, she begins to wonder is rekindling their affair might be rewarding in more ways than one.

Although Wyatt is known as the Dempsey who does not let his inner feelings show, being around Molly changes his behavior. While he still may not be very verbal about what he is thinking, his actions speak loudly. His take charge conduct when it appears she is threatened in some way is swoon worthy, and I would definitely love for a man to feel this protective of me. Since he does not openly convey his opinions like his siblings, I have been very curious about Wyatt and how he actually felt about things. And was I ever surprised by some of his responses. Molly brings out the best in him, and seeing him finally bare his soul at times was repeatedly moving.

These two are exceedingly passionate people, and they express their desire enthusiastically with no holding back. Molly and Wyatt have lived through some tough times, making them vulnerable yet stronger if they can triumph over these issues. There is also a big surprise revealed that I was not expecting. Kate Meader causes uncontrollable laughter plus lots of fanning when scenes turn steamy. SPARKING THE FIRE is imaginative, amusing and touchingly earnest.

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Series:  Hot in Chicago

Publisher:  Pocket

Releases:  September 27, 2016


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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