Special Forces Seduction by C.J. Miller

There is no shortage of dangerous escapades in the most recent release featuring operatives employed at the West Company, a secretive group which takes on very risky missions. The main couple has been met before, and I am delighted they now have a chance to tell about their latest assignment plus how their feelings for one another are ever changing. As these two competent spies battle criminals so the innocent can be safe, their emotions are constantly engaged in conflict and future plans are uncertain. I was definitely nervous during several of the more perilous incidents, as a satisfactory outcome looked doubtful. C.J. Miller takes her romantic couple on a highly adventurous ride, one filled with plenty of jeopardy to not only their lives but also their hearts. SPECIAL FORCES SEDUCTION is equally thrilling and emotional.

After working as a spy for ten years, Alex “Hyde” Flores started to feel that she was ready to live a much different life. As a current agent with the West Company, she often goes undercover and has been in some very dangerous situations. But now the challenges she would rather face are those of an average person and to not come across countless threatening circumstances. One part of her life over the past three years which Hyde wishes could continue is her relationship with Finn Carter, who works for the same organization. Yet he has no intention of settling down or quitting his undercover commitments like she recently did.

When Finn unexpectedly shows up when her family is celebrating a special occasion, Hyde is secretly glad to see him. But when he requests her help in stopping a drug dealer, she is torn as to what decision to make. Though she had planned to never go on a new mission, Finn has a very convincing argument that changes her mind. While the two skilled spies do come up with a well-planned strategy, nothing is ever assured when ruthless lawbreakers are involved.

It does not take long for Finn and Hyde to become entangled in one precarious situation after another. While she really wanted to begin living a more typical life where no one was going to point a gun at her in the next moment, her former partner and lover has other ideas. Though he says their latest mission will be for a good cause, both know deep inside that there are also some unspoken reasons for them once again getting together. As spies, Finn and Hyde are experts at keeping secrets and not letting their feelings be known, and they do the same with each other. I had no idea how each was going to react during certain incidents, and I was frequently worried about whether their responses would be positive or bring about additional heartache.

A huge number of factors come into play as Finn and Hyde try to make several tough choices, and conclusions  related to their personal desires are sometimes just as difficult to decide as any connected to the assignment. C.J. Miller puts lots of realism into the threats Finn and Hyde encounter, and a few of the risks had me concerned about how everything would eventually turn out for the couple. SPECIAL FORCES SEDUCTION is repeatedly suspenseful from imminent danger, yet also emotional because of sincerely expressed feelings.

Copy received from author for my honest opinion

Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  January 1, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/hfnrbes

Genre:  Suspense

Author website:  http://www.cj-miller.com/

Rating:  4 Stars

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