Stolen Kisses with Her Boss by Susan Carlisle

If two people do not think alike on many important matters, it can be hard for them to form a connection. While the couple believes that there is no prospect of them ever being together, the heart often does not listen to what the mind is telling it and pushes for a chance of possible true happiness. In STOLEN KISSES WITH HER BOSS, a man and woman have different thoughts about family life, and they get to experience the numerous highs and lows of what happens when someone constantly puts the needs of others before their own. Susan Carlisle kept me totally captivated with complicated emotional issues, hopeful dreams, and unanticipated medical concerns.

After an accident caused the death of her parents, the primary focus in the life of Cynthia Marcum is responsibility for her siblings. Though she had been close to a certain man, their relationship fell apart because of how the actions of both changed. Now she dedicates her time to transcribing medical tapes for several doctors in Birmingham in order to make sure the wishes of her younger brothers are met.

When Cynthia is asked by Dr. Sean Donovan to take on some additional work, she agrees because the extra cash will come in handy. What she did not count on is how actually meeting the doctor with a very sexy voice would affect her. Though Sean and Cynthia are from much different backgrounds plus have dissimilar views on family, they cannot seem to keep from hoping their friendly business association turns into something more personal.

All throughout the latest convincing medical romance from Susan Carlisle, I was wanting Sean and Cynthia to be able to work out the details of any conflicts. She unexpectedly had to become the parent to her brothers, and she takes this obligation very seriously. Any situation dealing with them is more essential than her desires, so she has become independent and does not date. But after hearing the voice of Sean night after night while doing his transcriptions, she has fantasized about him. When the reality turns out to be even much better, she finds herself responding to him in ways she never has before. Sean’s upbringing greatly influences how he now acts, yet being around Cynthia and her loving family causes him to begin feeling confused. I really enjoyed watching this couple work through their various problems, and Ms. Carlisle definitely does not make it easy for them as troubles keep arising.

There are plenty of emotional situations in the story, and whether Sean and Cynthia are feeling cheerful or sad, the scenes have honest responses. The passion between them is expressed with plenty of heat, and I was delighted when they enjoyed other fun activities together as neither often has much fun. Susan Carlisle has created particularly appealing individuals, where reactions are ones that I could see someone having in real life. STOLEN KISSES WITH HER BOSS is touching at times and always entertaining.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Publisher:  Harlequin Medical Romance

Releases:  June 18, 2017


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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