Stormswept by Sabrina Jeffries

51r+upTVeTL._SY346_Emotional conflicts and engaging characters make the revised historical novel from Sabrina Jeffries captivating all the way through. Though the original book came out over twenty years ago, a compelling plot along with intriguing details kept me entertained. The heroine is feisty while the hero is stubbornly opinionated, and there are some villains to loathe plus several likable secondary characters. In the late 1700’s, life in Wales could be either joyous or leave individuals feeling downtrodden, often because of reasons beyond their control. Sabrina Jeffries makes caring for her romantic couple extremely easy, as their welfare truly does matter. The heartfelt emotions in STORMSWEPT are intensely profound.

Though Lady Juliana St. Albans is about to wed an Englishman, she has no plans to abandon her fondness for the Welsh. Something else she cannot forget is the man to whom she was married for only a day. Rhys Vaughan made her feel very special on the night of their wedding, and she thought they would have a wonderful future together. However, her hopes are shattered when Rhys cannot be found the following day, and his whereabouts are not known. While Juliana is determined to remain married to her missing husband, there sadly comes a time when it seems there is no possibility of him ever returning.

What could have been the start of a rewarding marriage for Rhys turned into a terrible nightmare which lasted for several harrowing years. But now he is back, wanting to be her husband in every way plus regain all he lost. Juliana may be glad Rhys is alive, yet his accusations about what took place on that fateful night are shocking. Now she has to convince him somehow to once again trust her, as some of his beliefs are untrue. As the couple struggle through the many issues now in their lives, they discover each has greatly changed yet some aspects are still the same.

Deceptions and heartache are in many of the situations that Rhys and Juliana must face, and I was often deeply touched by the many troubling circumstances. Problems surrounded their relationship from the start, and then betrayal of the worst kind tore them apart. Sadly, this treachery is still a part of their lives when they are reunited, causing doubts about the other to not go away, especially in how Rhys perceives Juliana. I really respected the way in which she often responded to his many allegations against her, as she did not back down yet was also not continuously quarrelsome. The desire this couple feels for each other is almost uncontrollable at times, and I had to smile when they were interrupted by something unexpected as their reactions were spot on.

STORMSWEPT is stirringly emotional over and over again. I felt a genuine connection to Juliana and Rhys, as their every feeling is so clearly expressed. Her strong-willed nature is frequently evident, while his doggedness to avenge what he lived through for such a long time is often his focus. After all the physical and emotional pain Rhys endured, I could totally understand how it would be difficult for him to change his mind about events in the past when truths stay hidden. The author gives lots of insight into why this couple has certain reactions during specific incidents by letting me know their motives, thus making scenes constantly realistic. I always look forward to any book written by Sabrina Jeffries.

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Publisher:  Pocket

Releases:  June 28, 2016


Genre:  Historical

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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