Sweet Tea and Sympathy by Molly Harper

Life with all its ups and downs is portrayed with amusement and sincerity in the latest book of the Southern Eclectic series. Molly Harper is known for writing hilarious scenes, and her unique sense of humor is evident all throughout the story. Comments are constantly witty, while the distinctive personalities of characters are demonstrated during lighthearted instances. But there are also plenty of circumstances where feelings are displayed with honest emotions. I felt as though I was reading about a real family at times, as any interaction between its members seemed so genuine. There are countless laughs in SWEET TEA AND SYMPATHY along with an equal number of heartfelt moments.

As an event planner, Margot Cary has dreams of working with a leading company in Chicago whose influential clients will help to make her more in demand. But one wrong decision by someone under her direction leaves her career in shambles. Now she is out of work with not a single prospect in sight. Luckily for Margot, a relative in Georgia saw the embarrassing video about the unfortunate incident, and the elderly woman wants her to help promote their two family-run businesses. Though she has no idea what the new job will entail or really anything about these people, her situation is too desperate not to accept the offer.

When Margot arrives in Lake Sackett, she has some big doubts about the new direction her life is taking. The place is too rural, and she certainly has no knowledge about fishing or funerals. Yet her family members make her feel immediately like she will fit in, and one male resident has even grabbed her attention. As Margot begins to settle into a routine, she cannot help but wonder where she really belongs.

If I see the name Molly Harper on the cover, then I know the story will be totally entertaining. This author has a way of drawing in the reader with her downhome folks who face some real-life problems. In SWEET TEA AND SYMPATHY, a woman has lost just about everything, but family members whom she has never met come to the rescue. What happens when someone raised in the big city goes to live in a town where secrets frequently spread quicker than wildfire is captivatingly told with humor plus some unexpected seriousness, and I was always affected regardless of what was happening. I laughed repeatedly, especially when some of Margot’s relatives were making a statement in an earnest manner, but the meaning definitely came across as comical. Numerous citizens in Lake Sackett appear from time to time, and these individuals often made the story more noteworthy because of how they reacted.

What I will remember most about the book is the scenes dealing with family. Though a person cannot pick their relations, they can be thankful when devotion is freely given. I really enjoyed seeing Margot meet her new family and then discovering how everyone would respond. Even her first encounter with school principal Kyle Archer is memorable, and what transpired afterward was realistic and sometimes even moving. I do not know what direction the Southern Eclectic series will go, but I truly wish for there to be many more books.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher via NetGalley, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Southern Eclectic – Book 2

Publisher:  Gallery

Releases:  November 21, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/y9kaozvn

Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:  http://mollyharper.com/

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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