Take Down by Harper St. George and Tara Wyatt

The second book in the Blood and Glory series is about two people who have endured heartbreaking personal issues, and they now need to find a way to move forward and perhaps even find happiness. With the hero being a MMA fighter, he appears to be tough and in control. Yet on the inside, he is vulnerable and always guarded. While the heroine has also suffered, she tries to be upbeat and looks for something positive, even when an incident could turn out to be undesirable. When the couple are drawn together by sexual escapades, their lives are changed in ways neither could have ever predicted. The scenes where feelings are the focal point touched me on numerous levels, while the moments filled with steamy sex definitely grabbed my full attention. Harper St. George and Tara Wyatt have made TAKE DOWN a compelling plus emotional story about the world of MMA fighting.

As a journalist, Megan Sinclair likes to uncover facts that no one else knows. Her latest project for an online magazine is about the World Fighting Championship and the individuals who fight for this league. To learns about the reason someone would want to participate in such a sport, she is doing several interviews. One of the men with whom Megan will be speaking is Gabriel “The Sandman” Maddox.

When Megan and Gabe meet to discuss his career choice, he is cordial but seems to be holding back on various questions. There was an occurrence years ago that changed his life, and the event still haunts him every day. To take his mind off the tragedy, he tries to keep his whole focus on staying a champion fighter. Though the interview between Gabe and Megan was short, there was enough time for them to make a huge impression on each other, and now they want to discover more.

Since I had never watched a MMA fight before reading the Blood and Glory series, I did give it a try. What I learned was how challenging the bouts were, and I could tell these men had diligently trained to be so athletic. In TAKE DOWN, Gabe often seems to be giving his career everything he has, especially in how he lives his life on a daily basis. It may look as if all is wonderful since he is a champion, but one fateful day has left him guilt ridden and not letting anyone get past the emotional barriers that he has erected. But one interaction with Megan, and he feels a spark of interest that just will not go away. She also feels the same, but has no idea how big the hurdle is which stands in the way of them having a relationship. While they have no trouble at all when it comes to satisfying sex, having openly honest conversations do not look to be happening. I could easily sense how extremely difficult some discussions were for Gabe, and this caused me to worry about what would happen to their relationship, as I wanted the likable Megan to find pleasure in life. TAKE DOWN entertains with real-life experiences, lusty sexual encounters, and engaging characters.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher via NetGalley, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Blood and Glory – Book 2

Publisher: Pocket Star

Releases:  November 13, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/yb73wb7w

Genre:  Contemporary

Author websites:  http://harperstgeorge.com/ and http://www.tara-wyatt.com/

Rating:  4 Stars

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