Taking Fire by Cindy Gerard

51s3juZoR-L._SY346_There is no way not to become emotionally involved with the main characters in a story by Cindy Gerard as their personalities are so likable, and the romantic couple in her One-Eyed Jacks series is particularly appealing. Linked by troubling past history, Bobby Taggart and Talia Levine are given another chance to learn if their powerful sexual attraction can ever turn into anything more. Secrets and deception may have torn them apart, but an expected opportunity could end years of anguish that both have suffered. Cindy Gerard never fails when it comes to creating commanding heroes and take-charge heroines, where feelings are laid bare and danger is faced without hesitation. TAKING FIRE delivers gripping action along with heartfelt emotions.

His work as a private military contractor had Bobby Taggart in Afghanistan, so spending some downtime with an interesting woman helped to make his nights much more enjoyable. Surprisingly, he starts to have feelings for reporter Talia Levine, but any thoughts about her must not interfere in his latest mission to locate a Hamas terrorist and get information from him. But before Bobby can fully decide how he feels about the fascinating journalist, the man from whom he wants facts is killed and Talia is nowhere to be found. Realizing she has deceived him and was somehow responsible for the death of the terrorist, he is angry yet also hurt.

After six years pass, Bobby has a new career that takes him to an Arab country to check out the security at their U.S. Embassy. When he has to work with their temporary security investigator, he is stunned to see it is Talia. Circumstances quickly toss them together when their lives are in danger, but Bobby certainly does not trust her because of the way they parted. He wants answers, yet definitely does not expect everything he is told. Though he vows to not let Talia affect him again, it is extremely difficult to keep his protective nature under control when one crucial fact is revealed.

Suspenseful stories written by Cindy Gerard always have an abundance of jeopardy plus lots of emotional entanglements. In the fourth One-Eyed Jacks novel, there is equal danger to hearts and physical bodies. I never knew when something might possibly happen to Bobby, Talia or the individuals with whom he works. It was great getting to revisit with so many characters from several series and to see them under various circumstances. How these courageous men and women put their lives on the line for what they think is right deeply touched me, as their actions always seemed so genuine. The camaraderie among these individuals is especially convincing, and many of their comments caused much laughter.

The relationship of Bobby and Talia is certainly complicated. Though it started out as just a good time for him, it swiftly became personal, while she regrets her assignment when his charming personality wins her over. Any pain Bobby feels because of her treachery is clearly depicted with earnest emotions, and I hurt right along with him. How these two are still connected and each of their reactions when all details are finally exposed is very compellingly described. Their feelings are expressed with much honesty, and I anxiously waited to see what they would finally choose to do. The sexual desire between them is powerful, yet there is also caring behind each passionate encounter. Any danger they have to face is realistic, and their responses to these situations prove they are daringly brave. Cindy Gerard can do no wrong when it comes to writing romantic suspense. TAKING FIRE is believable and profoundly emotional.

Series:  One-Eyed Jacks

Copy received from publisher:  Pocket

Releases:  February 23. 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/z9zxdk7

Genre:  Suspense

Author website:  http://www.cindygerard.com/

Rating:  5 Stars

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