The Accidental Bridegroom by Ann Major

518oszpagilPassion runs high while emotional challenges also steadily increase when two individuals first meet, and their lives are never the same again. What should have been a normal duty as a bodyguard turns into much more when feelings become involved, and two lonely people find themselves questioning what they are willing to risk for a brighter future. Years later, with the help of a little magical assistance, Cathy Calderon and Rafe Steel just might discover the happiness they have long been hoping to find. Ann Major has written a clever story filled with enchantment, and I really wanted to believe. THE ACCIDENTAL BRIDEGROOM has compelling emotional developments plus an engaging romantic couple.

Though Rafe Steel had wanted some time off after his last assignment as a bodyguard, his boss gives him little choice in taking the job of secretly watching over a young woman. With her stepfather’s wealth and power, he knows remaining professional while protecting Cathy Calderon is a must, regardless of how much she tempts him. Yet from the very start, Rafe realizes his spirited charge is going to cause him trouble. But he had no idea of how their interaction would impact him forever.

Their short time together resulted in Cathy becoming pregnant, yet Rafe was not informed of this crucial fact. After six years of being on her own in Mexico, she is going to marry a man chosen by her stepfather, despite her young daughter not liking him. When Rafe learns he has a child, he plans to make contact with his former lover. What he did not expect was Cathy acquiring a potion from a friend which would make the love of her fiancé genuine, but the man who ends up bound by a spell might instead be him.

The Day of the Dead is a very important holiday in Mexico, and the celebration is imaginatively used throughout THE ACCIDENTAL BRIDEGROOM. Ann Major also had me wondering about love potions and whether they would actually work, or if there already has to be real feelings between two people. The magical aspects were certainly convincing. There are numerous characters in the story, some good and others not so nice, and each one comes across as true-to-life. I especially liked the two young children, as their dynamic personalities were quite apparent.

There are often conflicts in a relationship, and those Rafe and Cathy have to tackle are definitely demanding. I really enjoyed seeing how these two would react when confronted by one ordeal after another, particularly when it could be life-changing. Both are still deeply affected by what happened in their lives six years ago, and I was anxious to find out what their responses would be when they met up again. Though from vastly different backgrounds, there is much similarity when it comes to how they feel about themselves. Their desire for each other is very real, and it is expressed with plenty of heat yet also seems sincere. I have always found a book by Ann Major to be entertaining, and THE ACCIDENTAL BRIDEGROOM is continuously captivating.

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Series:  The Accidental Bodyguard

Publisher:  Major Press LLC

Releases:  October 19, 2016


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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