The Best Gift by Ann Jacobs

51ubrp3zklOften, the Christmas season is a time of when unexpected miracles occur. With the Civil War now over, many soldiers found themselves trying to readjust to home life after suffering an injury. Sometimes, the emotional grief is almost as painful as the physical wounds, and this compelling short story conveys the mental anguish one man goes through as he tries to do what he can to provide for his daughter. THE BEST GIFT is a moving holiday story filled with realistic feelings and heartfelt reactions. Ann Jacobs makes every second of the book captivating with insightful honesty.

While Giles Redmond was fighting for the North, he was permanently injured by a Rebel. Now back home in New Hampshire, the widower is greatly concerned about his daughter should he not be around until she grows up. So he has decided to wed Laura Wakefield, a woman whom he has known since they were children, thus supplying her and his child with a more secure future. Giles knows their marriage will be out of concern for a young girl, not love, because Laura could never have deep affection for a man as disfigured as him.

THE BEST GIFT has several surprises in store for its characters, and unanticipated feelings make the situations they are facing truly profound. I was deeply touched quite a few times, as the feelings of Giles and Laura come across as so open. Both believe something is missing in their lives and that the years ahead will more than likely be bleak. But there is a message of hope in the story which seemed so conceivable, as not every person judges someone by appearances. I was definitely smiling when the book ended.

Received copy for a review

Publisher:  Self

Releases:  July 10, 2010


Genre:  Historical

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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