The Bodyguard’s Bride-to-Be by Amelia Autin

51ceilscssl-_sx314_bo1204203200_-1The Man on a Mission miniseries has featured some very alpha men who would do anything to protect the women that they are coming to love. In THE BODYGUARD’S BRIDE-TO-BE, the hero has long watched over the royal family, so safeguarding others is his duty. But having the one person whom he adores above all others in danger has his protective nature working overtime from the instant he hears his former fiancée is injured. With plenty of unknowns and threats on the rise in the country of Zakhar, the suspense of what will happen next kept me reading THE BODYGUARD’S BRIDE-TO-BE with eagerness. Amelia Autin skillfully entwines danger and emotional issues to create an enthralling romance.

A choice made by Tahra Edwards to eat lunch in the park near the U.S. embassy where she works was a lucky one, as it meant many children were saved from a bomb because of her quick-thinking decision to move the device before it exploded. Sadly, she was injured and is now lying unconscious in a Zakhar hospital, yet can hear a familiar voice speaking to her but does not recall his name. Later it is discovered Tahra is suffering from amnesia and cannot remember any facts about the incident nor the man who states he is her fiancé.

Captain Marek Zale is not actually engaged to her since she gave back the ring, but the lie grants him accessibility to the woman whom he wants to marry. As the bodyguard to the king’s son, he comprehends the extreme measures some groups will go to in order to carry out their goals. Since Tahra stopped their plan and may have even seen too much, Marek feels her life is now in jeopardy. When she is released from the hospital, she has some doubts about what her fiancé says, but he is determined to make certain no additional harm comes to her.

Though Zakhar is a small country, it still suffers from the same problems that much bigger countries face from time to time. It only takes just a few citizens to cause havoc plus grief, and Ms. Autin makes their fanatical ideas come across as very true-to-life. Since the viewpoint of one particular supporter is given, it made the story seem even more real. How the government of this fictional country is run is presented with convincing incidents and compelling discussions amongst those in charge. I was constantly privy to what went on behind closed doors, thus giving the impression of an actual country.

When Marek was met in previous books, I could tell rules would be followed as he had been taught. In his own story, being in love with a woman from America sometimes has him questioning his rather old-fashioned beliefs. I really liked how he was willing to see things from Tahra’s perspective and perhaps even change his mind. Ms. Autin may have given Marek plenty of alpha qualities, but his tender concern for her is very heartening and showed his genuine feelings. With Tahra having loss any memories of her time with her ex-fiancé, it let the couple have a fresh start and learn new truths about each other. Though the lie of them still being engaged weighs heavily on him, he truly feels like they never broke up. Between the looming threats of future risks and the numerous personal challenges Marek and Tahra must confront, I was captivated all the way through the latest Man on a Mission story. THE BODYGUARD’S BRIDE-TO-BE is emotionally rewarding with believable predicaments.

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Series:  Man on a Mission

Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  November 1, 2016


Genre:  Suspense

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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