The Danger of Desire by Sabrina Jeffries

51hfukbnxllThough the Sinful Suitors series features men who are supposed to protect women from roguish males, the heroes of each book seem to find themselves tempted to break a rule they should be following. In THE DANGER OF DESIRE, a marquess with personal troubles feels compelled to help a woman who confronts peril with little thought to her own safety. Together, they just might discover that confiding their darkest secrets to someone could have a great impact on their lives. The latest historical romance by Sabrina Jeffries is not only convincing but also particularly captivating, as the distinct characters are very engaging while the premise is entrancing. I truly adored the main couple in THE DANGER OF DESIRE with their spirited plus determined personalities.

When Delia Trevor and Warren Corry first meet, she is carrying out a scheme to get information. After her brother died, she has made it her mission to learn the name of the man that she holds accountable for her sibling dying so young. She does have a clue to his identity, and looking for him at gatherings like the party where she met Warren is one way. Another part of her plan is more risky, as Delia dresses like a man in order to play cards at the gambling house where her brother was cheated, and she will not stop searching until the culprit is found.

Although Warren came in contact with Delia because of his cousin’s request, the Marquess of Knightford starts to enjoy being around the woman who speaks her mind. Yet he does get the feeling that she is hiding something, and he intends to uncover what she is concealing. Upon realizing she is using a disguise to gamble with all types of men, he firmly tells Delia to quit being so reckless. What he did not foresee is starting to actually care about more than her welfare.

If I am reading a book written by Sabrina Jeffries, then I know there will be constant entertainment. The Sinful Suitors series has been a favorite since the beginning, and THE DANGER OF DESIRE is pure reading pleasure. Delia is unbending at times, and I always like when the lead female takes a stand and does not back down. Her deep concern for others is shown in numerous ways, and I respected her all the more for some of her convictions. Warren may have some problems in his life, but taking care of others is also his first priority. As the reasons for his current behavior come to light, I came to understand many of his actions.

There are many conversations between Warren and Delia which are quite humorous, as their sharp-wit produces clever retorts. Several of their discussions are quite inappropriate, and this made for even more amusing situations. Sabrina Jeffries knows how to make the past intriguing with expertly created characters that seem so believable.  Warren and Delia do not always adhere to what society tells them to do, and this made them fascinating and totally charming. I laughed with them on numerous occasions, plus felt their inner misery when they were affected by emotional issues. Passion is the driving force during a few scenes, and they were definitely steamy.

Many characters from past books written by Sabrina Jeffries make an appearance, and it is always delightful catching up on present happenings in their lives. There are some unexpected turns in the story, and one twist could entangle the future of two characters. I am really happy to know they will get their own book.

Received copy from publisher

Series:  Sinful Suitors

Publisher:  Pocket

Releases:  November 22, 2016


Genre:  Historical

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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