The Flyboy’s Temptation by Kimberly Van Meter

51O6Ltwn77LAfter a death-defying escapade at the very beginning of THE FLYBOY’S TEMPTATION, perilous threats continue to occur with few breaks. During the periods when danger does let up for a short time, lots of steamy sexual encounters take place because desire between the main couple is often practically uncontrollable. Kimberly Van Meter fills her latest Blaze release about a pilot and a scientist with action, passion and plenty of emotion. I thoroughly enjoyed their thrilling adventurous journey.

Upon getting out of the service, James “J.T.” Carmichael and his brother started Blue Yonder, a charter plane business. Since he was a pilot in the Air Force, he is certainly qualified to fly the company’s aircraft. When a new client requests to be flown to South American as quickly as possible, J.T. has a feeling something about the deal may not be completely legitimate. But after just having his brother inform him of their need to make a profit soon or their business will have to close, he agrees to her terms because the amount she is willing to pay may keep them working for a little longer.

Unfortunately, before J.T. and Dr. Hope Larsen can make it to her destination, they have problems and are forced to crash land in a remote area of Mexico. The jungle poses its own dangers, and with no idea of where they actually are, the couple has to prepare themselves for any number of scenarios or they may not make it out alive. Though Hope does not fully disclose her reason for making the journey, she and J.T. do need to work together without conflict in order to survive. But getting close to each other has its own complications.

There is just something about a situation where two strangers are fighting for their lives that really grabs my attention, and when the attraction between them is sky-high, then it can lead to all kinds of passionate developments and make the story doubly interesting. With J.T. being someone who makes hasty decisions while Hope is a constant planner, their behavior is vastly different and often has them at odds with one another. Their comments are frequently sarcastic, and both can come up with a sharp retort in an instant. I could not keep from laughing at some of their more comical comebacks. The situations J.T. and Hope must face are often life-threatening, and I enjoyed seeing how each would respond to the danger. Though he often appeared laidback, the military training of J.T. would kick in when needed, while the logical thinking of the scientist did not always lead to the right conclusion.

With the huge contrasts in just about everything that concerns J.T. and Hope, it did not seem like a relationship would ever work for this couple. With plenty of highs and lows, Kimberly Van Meter puts these two through a large number of challenges before anything significant can build between them. The threats to them are a possibility in our modern world, and the author makes several of the situations certainly frightening. What J.T. and Hope had to experience often resulted in emotional turmoil, and I eagerly waited to see what they would decide in the end. It appears there will be an upcoming story about the hero’s brother, and I am very glad for this opportunity to discover more about Teagan. THE FLYBOY’S TEMPTATION is hotly sensual plus action-packed.

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Publisher:  Harlequin Blaze

Releases:  April 19, 2016


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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