The Governess Was Wanton by Julia Kelly

51xrbm4zclFor the second book in The Governess series, an inventive rewriting of the Cinderella story results in an enchanting romantic tale. Though this plot has been retold in countless ways, Julia Kelly makes her story shine with her own original ideas. I am always fascinated to see how an author will incorporate new concepts into an often told storyline, and the new imaginings of Ms. Kelly had me smiling quite a few times. Filled with lots of heartwarming situations and genuine emotions, THE GOVERNESS WAS WANTON is pleasurably enjoyable.

As a governess, Mary Woodward helps prepare young women to be acceptable in society and have a successful season. When her latest charge became engaged, it was time to let perspective families know she could now be hired once more. A letter from Lord Asten makes her want to assist his daughter who sounds shy and possibly sad, so she takes the position. Mary truly wants the young lady to actually enjoy herself while possibly meeting her future husband. Though being around the widowed Earl of Asten will not be easy for her, as he is very desirable and makes her have forbidden yearnings.

Eric Bromford is an earl plus her employer, and though he is definitely intrigued with Mary, he always respects anyone who works for him. The new governess does all she can to entice his daughter into following her instructions, making him very grateful for her cleverness. But when Mary agrees to an impulsive suggestion, her life and that of the earl’s could be forever changed.

Distinctive characters in THE GOVERNESS WAS WANTON have realistic emotions and traits. If a woman had no family and was not married, then her life was regularly filled with much uncertainty during the mid-1800’s in England, and she was also frequently snubbed by the rich for being beneath them. Though a governess was often educated like Mary, there was little prospect of being highly regarded because of having to work. But she still had dreams of being with a man who really cared for her, and Lord Asten definitely triggered lots of explicit fantasies. While he may be a very important person in society, his down-to-earth ways made him come across as a man whom I admired, especially in how concerned he was about his daughter. Mary always took a personal interest in her charges, and I enjoyed seeing how she stood up for what was right. I was certainly happy when she did her best to improve what was happening to the young woman, and the way in which she carries out her duties made me like her more and more with each new incident.

The relationship between Mary and Eric is filled with complications, and each one could keep them apart. She knows any type of personal interaction with her employer could lead to dismissal, and it might perhaps ruin her chances of ever finding another job as a governess. Yet with his caring nature and friendly manner, she cannot stop the visions of them sharing a sexual encounter. Eric feels drawn to her when they first meet, but his strict code of honor prevents him from making any kind of advances. But like Mary, he has a vivid imagination. Julia Kelly makes the reality very steamy. One more governess has a story to tell, and I am eager to see what predicaments she will face.

Received copy from publisher

Series:  The Governess – Book 2

Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  October 10, 2016


Genre:  Historical

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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