The Governess Was Wicked by Julia Kelly

51Z8Rvd1ybLThe Governess series is about three women who watch over the children of their wealthy English employers. During the mid-1800’s in England, the rich still thought of those not in their social class as much beneath them, and frequently anyone taking on the responsibilities of a governesses was to dedicate her whole life to the children. In the first book of the series, a woman who is committed to following all her duties as specified cannot stop from imagining a different life for herself. When a local doctor pays this particular governess a little extra attention, her thoughts become filled with potential what-ifs. Julia Kelly has written an enchanting romantic story, where emotions are conflicted because of future possibilities. THE GOVERNESS WAS WICKED delights with charming characters and an engaging storyline.

As the governess for the Norton family, Elizabeth Porter oversees the welfare of their two young daughters. It is her duty to make certain their educational needs are met along with setting a perfect example of a proper lady. Though she occasionally dreams of having a family, she knows there will never be a husband or any children for her. The girls in her care are usually well-behaved, but lately they are insistent some type of illness is making them feel bad. But most of the time when Dr. Edward Fellows makes a house call, he finds they are in fact not sick.

Though Elizabeth hates summoning the doctor for every little ache, she must make sure there is nothing really wrong. Also, a visit from the friendly doctor always makes her feel better, as he takes time to actually talk to her and shares personal information. What neither realizes is that each of them has fantasizes about the other which they would like to become a reality.

While not a long story, THE GOVERNESS WAS WICKED manages to convey plenty of emotion during its many compelling scenes along with a touch of humor. From heartfelt longing to painful grief to enthusiastic joy, I got to experience the wide range of sentiments that Elizabeth and Edward felt as they faced various circumstances. Life for Elizabeth was very difficult, as she had few options available to her. I really sympathized with how life turned out for her, as she did not wish for grand things, just to be happy with a loving family. While she would really like for Edward to be in her life, she knows about his yearning to do research and does not want to keep him from his goal. I respected her for putting his hopes before her own. Although he would very much like to have an intimate relationship with her, he has never made a move in all the years they have been interacting. When the desire this couple feels for each other finally takes control of their actions, the moment is steamy because of pent-up sexual craving. I liked how they had come to know one another over time, thus the timing of their encounter was not unexpected.

There were several other likable characters in the book, especially the two closest friends of Elizabeth who have their own stories to tell. I am looking forward to seeing what Julia Kelly has in store for them.

Copy received from NetGalley

Series:  The Governess – Book 1

Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  September 12, 2016


Genre:  Historical

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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