The Highlander’s Princess Bride by Vanessa Kelly

There was never a single moment in THE HIGHLANDER’S PRINCESS BRIDE where I was not totally immersed in the happenings of this outstanding story. Often a book will keep me enthralled during certain parts, but this story is one of those rare novels where my attention only increased because of how much reading pleasure I was receiving. My emotions ran through a wide range of sentiments, from uncontrollable laughter to deepest worry, and each feeling was because of the very real circumstances being depicted. Vanessa Kelly managed to create imaginative scenes at all times, where characters and situations are extremely believable. This is the third book in The Improper Princesses series, and the many first-time characters were fascinating while those already met were still charmingly likable. I never wanted this story to end because of how much I enjoyed every aspect.

Since the father of Victoria Knight was the Prince Regent and not married to her mother who worked at an inn, she was glad her career as a governess has been successful since society looks down on people like her. When an incident makes it necessary for her to seek a new position, she learns about a man in Scotland who needs someone with her skills to instruct his brothers. Thrilled at the prospect of still being able to teach, Victoria prepares to leave London for the colder Scottish Highlands.

Upon her arrival, she discovers her new home is a rather gloomy castle. Its owner is Nicholas Kendrick, Earl of Arnprior, and her students are actually much older than her normal charges. It seems control over his siblings has been lost, and he thinks perhaps a woman’s influence will make them listen. Though against her better judgment, Victoria agrees to try and achieve at least some of the requirements which Nick wants his brothers to accomplish. Then her situation takes an unforeseen turn that she never saw coming.

I truly adore the Kendrick family, as this big group of Scottish men had such winning personalities. From the oldest to the youngest, I could not help but love these males, even when they pulled a practical joke or made a tactless comment. I laughed so hard at some of their more comical adventures, while I was touched when their more sensitive side was on display. I can only hope the author has some ideas for future books which will feature these charming men.

Once again, Vanessa Kelly brings the Regency period to life with delightful characters, engaging emotions, and unexpected twists. Victoria is a spirited woman trying to make the best of her situation, but life is not always fair. Even when events are against her, she keeps a clear head and does her best to reach a goal. Her logical mind and calm behavior certainly come in handy when she meets the Kendrick family, as problems keep mounting. I really felt for Nick at times, as his life has not been easy either. The responses of this couple were genuine and honest as they worked through their troubles, whether it was raw emotion or witty comebacks. When it comes to sexual passion, Nick and Victoria express their needs to the fullest during encounters that are lusty yet also amusingly fun. THE HIGHLANDER’S PRINCESS BRIDE is filled with realism, and I just wish these characters could have actually existed.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher via NetGalley, and all comments are my honest opinion.

Series:  Improper Princesses – Book 3

Publisher:  Zebra

Releases:  October 31, 2017


Genre:  Historical

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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