The Killer You Know by Kimberly Van Meter

Another Kelly brother gets his chance to find happiness, and this time emotional issues plus uncovering the truth are equally challenging. Silas Kelly must confront the demons that have haunted him since the day which forever changed his life, and being in frequent contact with a strong-minded reporter makes his time back home more difficult. Quinn Jackson wants to write an outstanding story and get a better job somewhere else, but clashes with the FBI agent are not making it easy to reach her goal. Toss in lots of secrets plus one shocking revelation after another, and the resulting romantic suspense story by Kimberly Van Meter is very riveting. I was certainly caught up in each new disclosure and was eager for more. THE KILLER YOU KNOW is constantly surprising with unexpected developments.

The brother of Silas Kelly was murdered many years ago, and he has never completely gotten over the tragedy as the killer was never caught. Now a FBI agent who specializes in child abductions, his interest is drawn to a case in his hometown when a teenager is found dead. Upon hearing several facts related to the death are eerily like those of his sibling, Silas wants to discover if there could possibly be any link between the two cases. If so, then he might finally get come closure if this recent murder can be solved.

Being back in the state of Washington is tough on Silas, as so many bad memories resurface. As he tries to find any evidence about what happened to the girl, a local reporter is also looking for any clues. He sees Quinn Jackson as an individual who only thinks about getting a story, and while very motivated, she does try to be compassionate when gathering facts. Since their paths keep crossing, she wants them to exchange information. Though Silas does not trust reporters, he may get more answers working with the assertive woman than going it alone.

Except for when his brother was killed, the town where Silas grew up seems like the same peaceful place that he left long ago. Nothing much has changed, and many folks are still there doing the same things they always did. But his job has made him realize not everyone lets their personal secrets be known, so digging into the lives of people who appear innocent is something he must do, even if it causes resentment or suffering. I really felt for Silas when he had to obtain details from those who were hurting, as it affected him more than it seemed. Quinn does not like being told what to do, and she could blow up very quickly. But at least she could admit to being wrong, and I saw any faults as making her behavior lifelike. The relationship of this couple is often complex, as they are regularly at odds. Yet there is plenty of witty banter between them, and sexual desire is definitely genuine.

THE KILLER YOU KNOW is enthralling all the through. Any time something new is divulged in the story which connects to a murder, I was often stunned because I had not anticipated this particular fact as being true. Kimberly Van Meter scatters cleverly concealed clues throughout the story, and a few of them had me guessing the correct the answer while others only served to keep me baffled until the very end.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and these comments are my honest opinion

Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  February 1, 2017


Genre:  Suspense

Author website:

Rating: 4 Stars

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