The King of Bourbon Street by Thea de Salle

The first book in the NOLA Nights series is filled with titillating scenes and a lively couple who discover much about themselves. I was frequently drawn into the sexual exploits enjoyed by Rain Barrington and Sol DuMont, where never before imagined fantasies become reality. Thea de Salle definitely heats up New Orleans when inventive lusty scenarios are carried out. But I was also riveted to the more emotional side of the story, as the inner feelings of this couple are often conveyed with much honesty. Kinky encounters make THE KING OF BOURBON STREET sensual, while plenty of earnest emotions touch the heart.

After his father died in a plane accident, Sol DuMont took over managing several of his hotels, and now even lives in a favorite that is located in New Orleans. Though he is very wealthy, not much in his life brings him joy anymore and his recent divorce has left him feeling restless. He really misses all the kinky sexual activities to which his ex-wife introduced him, but finding other willing partners just seems like too much effort. Sol hopes the coming days will eventually bring him more pleasure.

Right after she graduated from college with a master’s degree, the parents of Arianna “Rain” Barrington demand that she marry a certain man so a mutually beneficial business contract between the two families would occur. Not wanting to wed the dreadful individual, she devises a scheme that would make her an undesirable wife. Her plan works, and Rain then sneaks away to New Orleans to get away from her very angry mother. But the restful time she anticipated turns into an eye-opening experience when she meets the owner of her hotel.

From humorous quips to completely serious incidents, I was thoroughly caught up in the fascination of THE KING OF BOURBON STREET. Sol and Rain are both at turning points in their lives, and their unexpected meeting lets them explore what might make their futures much better. He is immediately intrigued with her and is only thinking about sex at first. But after talking with her, he soon wants them to be connected in bed and out of it. As Sol gets to know Rain more personally, he starts to have never before felt feelings. Though she has dated lots of men, none have affected her like the attentive and passionate hotel owner. How their thoughts and behavior change during the time they spend together is realistic, and Thea de Salle takes Sol plus Rain on a journey of sexual enlightenment as emotions become more involved.  Sex may be a huge part of their relationship, yet they also learn about trust while enjoying total gratification.

There are so many likeable secondary characters in the story, and each one holds their own when they make an appearance. Sol’s brothers and friends and even his former wife are delightful, while her relatives are a mixed bag and range from very appealing to downright nasty. There are more books to come in the series, and I am very eager to read about more steamy developments in New Orleans.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  NOLA Nights – Book 1

Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  February 13, 2017


Genre:  Contemporary

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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