The Lady of Royale Street by Thea de Salle

The NOLA Nights series has been packed with sultry sexual encounters and lots of profound emotions. In the third release, part of the spotlight is on the imminent marriage of Sol and Arianna from the first story, but the main focus is on Alex DuMont and Theresa Ivarson, two individuals who would seem to have nothing in common except for their connection to the bride and groom. Being forced to work together to pull off the grand wedding lets the couple understand what the other is really like, and what they discover makes them want to know more. I laughed, then sighed, and then laughed some more. But I will also recall the extremely heartfelt emotions conveyed by Alex and Theresa because every sentiment was so genuine. Thea de Salle draws you into each developing situation with attention-grabbing details, and there is no way not to remain hooked until the final word is read. THE LADY OF ROYALE STREET has honest reactions, particularly likable characters, and very original happenings.

Although Alex DuMont loves his brother Sol, he was not thrilled to be chosen as his best man. His sibling is marrying a woman whose life is constantly followed by reporters, and when their disloyal wedding planner is killed in an accident, getting ready for the event has become doubly hectic. In order to help make certain everything goes without additional problems, the hotel manager of another family property has traveled from Dallas to New Orleans. Now Alex is going to do what he does best by bringing some control to a chaotic situation.

Upon arriving at the hotel where she will be staying, the expensive camera used by photojournalist Theresa Ivarson is broken by a man at the front desk. Learning she will have to work closely with this person because he is the groom’s best man does not set well, but she is determined to do her part as the maid of honor for her good friend, Arianna. As she and Alex try to salvage what they can of the original wedding plans, they realize their vastly different personalities might not be so incompatible after all.

Realism is never lacking in THE LADY OF ROYALE STREET. If a scene contains some lively sexual adventures, then every moment is conceivable. When only discussions are taking place and truthful words are spoken, I eagerly awaited the next response. While many of the activities portrayed in the story can be rather outrageous, I could see them happening because the behavior of several characters is unique. Alex likes order in his life and has followed the same routine for years. But being around Theresa has him concentrating more on them as a couple than sticking to his strict routine. Both are religious, and any aspects linked to their beliefs had me coming to know them even better. I never felt as though them discussing their faith took anything away from the story, as religion can be a very important part of a relationship, especially when two people are thinking of making it last more than a few days. As they explore the strong feelings between them, sex becomes steamier while conversations turn candidly sincere. I came to truly adore this couple.

Since a wedding is being celebrated, numerous engaging characters created by Thea de Salle make an appearance, and I thoroughly enjoyed many of their antics and witty words. I really hope more of the individuals in the series get their own books, as I am not ready to stop reading about them.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher via NetGalley, and all comments are my honest opinion.

Series:  NOLA Nights – Book 3

Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  August 21, 2017


Genre:  Contemporary

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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