The Play by J.H. Croix

Brit Boys Sports Romance is the new series from J.H. Croix, and her trademark emotional scenes are present all throughout THE PLAY. A sports theme is skillfully interwoven into an engaging love story, which results in interesting plus very romantic scenes. There is always believability during whatever happens, and I was totally pulled into the lives of the main characters from the start. Earnest feelings and genuine responses had me wanting the British footballer and the American surgeon to not only enjoy their current time together, but to possibly discover they could actually have something much more.

Although Liam Reed was an excellent soccer player in England, a less than stellar performance during a big game cost him his contract. Now he is playing on a team in the USA located in Seattle. Unfortunately, he just suffered damage to his knee and hopes it can be successfully fixed. When he meets the doctor who will be performing his surgery, Liam is struck by Dr. Olivia Bowen’s beauty but also admires her professionalism when talking about his concerns. When she says there is a good chance she can repair the injury, he is hopeful that is career can be saved.

While Olivia appears to be totally focused on Liam because of his upcoming surgery, she is very aware of him as a man. But with trying to prove that she is a capable doctor, there is no time to think about dating or even having a social life. Yet one confession by her to the tempting soccer player makes him determined to see what there could possibly be between them. Though he wants Olivia to make him able to play for many more years, he cannot help but think about all the other ways she could improve his days and nights.

Since Liam does not like to back down when challenged, he has specific plans for Olivia, But he never counted on how emotionally involved he would feel when around her, a first for the sports superstar. She has also never been in a long-term relationship, so both are exploring new territory when it comes to being with the same person over and over again. How they each deal with their newfound feelings can be either amusing or thoughtful, and their reactions were often insightful into their individual personalities. I really like J.H. Croix’s way of letting me know exactly how her romantic couple felt at a certain time, as the book is told from alternating standpoints. Liam is outgoing and charming, while Olivia is more reserved and quiet. Yet each has a very passionate nature that cannot be restrained when they are together, leading to lots of lusty sexual encounters.

The medical aspects in the story enhance what is taking place, and having Liam be from Britain adds in much delight when he speaks, especially when he is talking with his best friend. There are many conversations between those for whom Liam and Olivia deeply care and themselves, and these discussions range from hilarious to extremely serious. J.H. Croix makes THE PLAY captivating on every page.

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Series:  Brit Boys Sports Romance – Book 1

Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services LLC

Releases:  March 14, 2017


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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