The Princess Wore Plaid by Karen Hawkins

514bArRmNyLThe Oxenburg Princes series is about a group of young royal relatives and their opinionated grandmother who loves to meddle in the lives of these men. In this novella, a female cousin who also lives in their country has received regal treatment her whole life. But an unforeseen incident puts her in a very difficult predicament, one where she learns how ordinary folks must live out each day. Filled with the humorous banter that Karen Hawkins is well known for creating, THE PRINCESS WORE PLAID is engagingly delightful.

Upon his arrival at the Red Lion inn, Lord Darrac Buchan discovers there is a new person serving his dinner. Since the cook at his manor is not very skilled, he likes to have a good meal once a week but seldom travels anywhere else after being hurt in India. It was his leg injury that led to his fiancée breaking up with him, so he does not expect any other woman to want him. But Tatiana Romanovin is no ordinary kitchen maid, as she speaks her mind and makes Buchan want to know all about her.

What should have been a joyous visit for Tatiana is turning into a very troublesome situation. She had left Oxenburg to go see her cousin in Scotland. But an accident caused her to be separated from her servants, and with no money, she ended up at the inn working for a place to stay and be fed. Though Tatiana has never done household chores before, she is quickly learning how exhausting it is for anyone who waits on her back home. But until her cousin arrives to help her, she is stuck assisting others. While her story certainly sounds untrue, Buchan cannot keep from longing for the chance to let Tatiana be a part of his lonely existence.

Though this story is only a novella, there are still lots of enjoyable scenes which made me laugh while others deeply touched me. Karen Hawkins certainly knows how to write conversations filled with sharp retorts that are amusingly candid. When Tatiana does not let Buchan get away with being surly, I could not help but smile at his reaction when she says exactly what she thinks about his behavior. She definitely finds his response to her is not like other men in her past, but for some reason, she likes him being direct with her and not hiding his feelings. The moments when his injury affects how he reacts are often moving, as his pain is excessive yet he tries to keep it concealed because of pride.

Tatiana and Buchan come to greatly respect each other, and I really liked how they did their best to make the other happy. Their relationship seemed convincing, as they gradually get to know one another through conversations and their love of books. The reason for which books that Buchan picked out for her to read is especially sweet, and it gave me a warm feeling because of how much pleasure it brought him. Karen Hawkins repeatedly invents fascinating individuals for her stories, and then gives them compelling circumstances to face. THE PRINCESS WORE PLAID enchants with characters that totally intrigue.

Received copy from publisher through NetGalley

Series:  Oxenburg Princes

Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  March 21, 2016


Genre:  Historical

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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