The Queen of Dauphine Street by Thea de Salle

If the prior NOLA Nights story was read, then the outrageous behavior of Madeline Roussoux has already been discovered. In case the first glimpse of this spirited woman is in her own story, enough facts are conveyed to let you know what was missed while delving into a life that few ever see. I was frequently held captive by a scene where fantasies are played out, and I certainly was deeply touched when a genuine emotion is revealed. Thea de Salle can make a situation extremely sexy and even toss in some witty humor, but an underlying sense of realism can always be detected and make any moment in THE QUEEN OF DAUPHINE STREET convincing. I laughed a lot, was repeatedly overheated because of all the scorching sex, and also felt the emotional connection between the main couple.

Although Madeline Roussoux is a name known by many people all over the world, she does not feel truly fortunate as most would assume because past tragedies still haunt her. She inherited much wealth from her entrepreneur father, and the social circles in which she runs contains the names of individuals the average person will never meet. Her life is filled with overindulgences that usually do not leave her totally satisfied, and while Maddy may appear to have it all, she actually feels vulnerable sometime and is often rather sad when alone.

A chance meeting in Dallas leads to a lively chat with Darren Sanders, an owner of a successful construction business. Shortly thereafter, his life is at risk and the person behind the threat cannot be found. To hopefully remain safe, Darren agrees to Maddy’s offer of staying on her boat as she travels from Texas to New Orleans. What they discover about each other brings them closer plus takes them to new heights of sexual gratification.

From the opening descriptive scene to the last delightful comment, THE QUEEN OF DAUPHINE STREET entertains constantly. When I started the book, I actually had to stop reading for a moment and let the visual sink in of what Maddy was doing. I knew she was someone who went after whatever she wanted, but was not expecting her provocative conduct to be displayed quite so quickly. Maddy definitely does not care what opinion others have of her, and she is going to do something if there is a desire for it. While she does have a wild side, there is also much more to her than what is shown to the world.

How Maddy and Darren respond to each other is unlike anyone before, and they bond more and more as time passes. They could become closer after a silly joke is delivered by him, and there are numerous ones all through the book that caused me to chuckle, or it might be when they share a fact about their past that is not normally told. A huge factor linking the couple is how their sexual escapades bring fulfilment and make them really happy. Thea de Salle does not withhold any details when Darren and Maddy are intimate, thus letting me experience their pleasure to the fullest. Previous characters show up in the story, and they are once again engaging and made me smile. Cannot wait for the rather stuffy Alex to tell his story.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  NOLA Nights – Book 2

Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  May 15, 2017


Genre:  Contemporary

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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