The Royal Spy’s Redemption by Addison Fox

5132rpwbQHLAfter hidden rubies were discovered in the first book of the Dangerous in Dallas miniseries, the lives of four women are forever changed along with the men who unexpectedly come into their lives. The fourth and concluding story is a high-stakes adventure, where lives are on the line and emotions are deeply affected. Addison Fox got my adrenaline pumping while also making me care for her very likable couple. THE ROYAL SPY’S REDEMPTION has enthralling action and emotions conveyed with intensity.

Hopefully, all the bad luck that recently happened to three good friends of Gabriella Sanchez is finally over. When the women had found rubies concealed under the floor of their Dallas bridal shop, numerous threats had arisen but an event earlier that day should have put an end to any future jeopardy. But when a MI5 agent who took part in the deception shows up at her catering shop after being shot, Gabriella keeps him safe for the moment while speculating about what went wrong.

Luckily for Knox St. Germain, the caterer was working very late. But it also causes her to now be caught up in his mission to retrieve all the gems and keep them from a surprising enemy. A split-second decision to keep aiding Knox puts Gabriella in grave danger, but something about the British agent compels her to take his side, even if he is not completely truthful with her. An obsession with the rubies pushes a ruthless foe to make certain there are no ties back to him, forcing Knox to take drastic steps to protect Gabriella.

Whether a situation is taking place in Dallas or occurring in London, plenty of actual places bring the scenes to life. When unforeseen peril is added into the mix, then the circumstances quickly become riveting as the outcome could go in a number of directions. Addison Fox cleverly uses her imagination to make facts concerning the rubies fascinating, and how it all comes together by the story’s end is definitely entertaining. Since much of the mystery about the stones was revealed in previous installments, this book deals with what will ultimately happen to them and who will be involved in those decisions. Several threats that Knox and Gabriella must face are very risky, and I enjoyed seeing how each would react when endangered. Though the talented caterer is not a trained agent, she can think quickly and keeps her fears under control, making me cheer her on when threats popped up. And for the first time in his long career, Knox is thinking about something besides his mission.

Though Gabriella would like to be in a fulfilling relationship, she certainly never thought the man might possibly be a British MI5 agent. But the instant Knox arrives at her shop with a bullet wound, she feels their connection growing with every interaction that follows. Their conversations are packed with lots of quick wit, and I enjoyed the way in which she never let him get the best of her. There are also some very enlightening discussions where inner feelings are exposed, letting me know what was in their hearts. Knox believed there would never be someone special in his life, and it was very interesting to watch Gabriella try to change his mind. The physical side of their relationship is very steamy yet also expresses genuine devotion. THE ROYAL SPY’S REDEMPTION is a captivating conclusion to the Dangerous in Dallas miniseries.

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Series:  Dangerous in Dallas

Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  April 1, 2016


Genre:  Suspense

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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