The Spanish Duke’s Holiday Proposal by Robin Gianna

This contribution to the Christmas in Manhattan continuity has a wide range of emotions and truly wonderful characters. The main romantic couple have suffered losses, plus their lives are filled with doubts. When their paths cross and a personal situation arises that must be dealt with quickly, a plan is formed which could have a lasting effect on their futures. I always enjoy a story by Robin Gianna, as she brings so much realism into her books. The characters in her latest medical romance are convincing because their flaws are genuine while conversations are honestly spoken. I was absolutely riveted to every word in THE SPANISH DUKE’S HOLIDAY PROPOSAL because of the heartfelt emotions and likable characters.

Although EMT Mateo Alves and Miranda Davenport, an emergency room doctor, had seen each other at Manhattan Mercy hospital, the two had never actually interacted. But a frightening incident gives them the opportunity to work together, where their skills are put to the test. The episode has them both respecting the other because of their abilities plus behavior.

When a dilemma has Mateo scrambling to find a solution, he thinks having Miranda pose as his fiancée is the answer. His family is Spanish nobility, and he now needs to take over the business affairs for his parents after an unforeseen event happened, but this is not what he wants for himself. The background of Miranda has her consenting to Mateo’s proposition, and their time in Spain with his family might bring them joy if they can get over uncertainties about their lives.

THE SPANISH DUKE’S HOLIDAY PROPOSAL is about family matters, and how a person deals with these situations. Miranda has lived with misgivings for years about whether she is worthy to be a member of the Davenport family, as they are wealthy and influential. Though things in his life are not the same as hers, Mateo has also felt circumstances are not ideal when it relates to his family. As these two explore new feelings and come to revelations about themselves, they cannot help but wonder if dreams really can come true. I so wanted Mateo and Miranda to be happy, yet there were certainly plenty of obstacles in their journey to having lasting bliss. I smiled a lot, fretted at times, and even laughed when these two were lighthearted. Robin Gianna has once again written a story that captured my full attention.

With much of the story taking place in Spain, I got to experience the sights of the countryside along with a some of the residents of this country. Since the Christmas season is approaching, I also felt the festive spirit of the holiday while reading. The medical emergencies could easily have occurred as described, and the danger involved had me nervous about the outcome. Though the story is part of a continuity, it totally stands alone.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Christmas in Manhattan

Publisher:  Harlequin Medical Romance

Releases:  October 17, 2017


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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