The Surgeon’s Cinderella by Susan Carlisle

With its compelling medical situations interwoven into a heartwarming love story, THE SURGEON’S CINDERELLA is an outstanding medical romance. Whether something is happening at the hospital or if the main characters are having a discussion, I was totally drawn into what was taking place. Sometimes lighthearted and often more serious, the story was always believable because of how true-to-life each moment is depicted. Susan Carlisle has a gift for creating realistic scenes, and I felt as though each instance in the book could really have happened.

When Whitney Thomason gets a request from Dr. Tanner Locke to become a client, she is thrilled to assist the heart surgeon. If the owner of Professional Matchmaking can find a woman with whom he is compatible, then it might bring her additional business if he ends up happy. While Tanner actually wants to be in a permanent relationship, his requirements for a wife sound much too impersonal and love is not ever mentioned.

After making a list of potential candidates from which Tanner can choose, Whitney is glad when dates with one of the women seem to be going well. But when the woman cannot attend an important retreat with the doctor, he is angry and demands that the matchmaker go instead since no one else is available. Whitney reluctantly agrees to accompany Tanner to Napa Valley, where they will only appear to be a couple because their vastly different views about marriage would never let them get close.

From her first appearance, I really liked Whitney. She is someone whom I admired for her determination to make her life more fulfilling, yet there are still lingering doubts about her self-worth. Though she has changed over the years, she cannot help but feel others currently see her as she was years ago, and this keeps her from being very social. Tanner is also troubled by his past history, and it greatly influences his wishes for a future wife. When these two find themselves pretending to be in a relationship, they discover personal details about the other that starts to make them question some of their own feelings. Every single time Tanner and Whitney were together, I waited breathlessly to see how each would react. While I could picture them making a perfect couple, the issues that have haunted them for a long time were not easily dismissed. The problems Susan Carlisle gives them could plague anyone, and I thought their responses were spot-on when they felt confronted. One aspect about Tanner which I really liked was how he confidently stated his thoughts about Whitney’s physical appearance. How they change over the course of the story is very convincing, as adjusting long-held ideas is never simple. THE SURGEON’S CINDERELLA is about coming to fully understand the meaning of love.

While Tanner and Whitney do have much to overcome, there are some fun experiences in their lives. I especially enjoyed their Napa Valley visit, and their excursions around San Francisco were visually colorful. Any medical matters in the story were accurately handled, and I found myself caring for each patient, regardless of the time spent with them. I am definitely looking forward to Ms. Carlisle’s next medical romance.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Publisher:  Harlequin Medical Romance

Releases:  May 23, 2017


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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