The Taste of Temptation by Julia Kelly

Julia Kelly has written an interesting story set in the later years of 1800. Progress has been made in many areas, but women still often have little say in what takes place in the lives. Caroline Burkett has gone through a very trying time in London, and she wants to make a better life in Scotland, where hopefully a man will marry her despite all the unfavorable things that have been said. Yet when she meets Jonathan Moray, a newspaperman, she fears nothing will be different in a new city. The second book in the Matchmaker of Edinburgh series tells how two people with very opposite agendas just might have more in common than either would have thought. THE TASTE OF TEMPTATION delights with spirited characters, emotional challenges, and lively discussions.

Although Caroline Burkett had thought her life in London was going well, all it took was one incident to alter her future in a detrimental way. After the man to whom she was engaged broke up with her, things became more distressful when he was later sued by her. Even though two years have passed, people still gossip about what happened and Caroline is tired of not being accepted in society. So she has traveled to Edinburgh, Scotland to live with her brother, where hopefully there will be no more scandals while finding a willing husband.

Unfortunately, the first man who seems interested in Caroline is Jonathan Moray, the owner of two newspapers who is only seeking to interview her. While she had wanted to live a quiet existence in Scotland, it seems her wish is not to be. Before coming to Edinburgh, she had heard about a local resident named Moira Sullivan who is known for her success in matching couples, and thankfully the Londoner is taken on as a client. When a gathering at the woman’s home pairs Jonathan and Caroline, both wonder at the motive. Yet it seems Moira has her reasons.

I really liked Caroline, especially when she could let her personality shine, as she is intelligent and witty. She definitely had great comebacks to some of Jonathan’s remarks. A woman living in this era was frequently at the mercy of men, as a male individual could dictate what path the female must follow. Ever since Caroline went against this rule, her life has been ridiculed and she has been scorned. I truly felt for her and what she suffered, and the author showed plenty of moments where her genuine feelings are portrayed.

When Caroline and Jonathan met, I could sense the sparks between them, and the attraction heightened even more during the times they encountered one another again. I found their conversations to be particularly entertaining, as both are smart and can think quickly. As I learned additional facts about Jonathan and Caroline, I came to realize how important being respected was to them. They try to make sure this is how they are seen, and the author’s carefully thought-out explanations let me know what drove them to feel this way. Julia Kelly makes THE TASTE OF TEMPTATION emotionally rewarding with realistic scenes.

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of the book from the publisher via NetGalley, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Matchmaker of Edinburgh – Book 2

Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  February 5, 2018


Genre:  Historical

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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