The Thief by Michele Hauf

Unique paranormal stories created by Michele Hauf have kept me entertained for years, and I was excited to discover that she had written a suspenseful series. The Elite Crimes Unit solves white-collar offences, and the first book concerns two individuals whose lives take a drastic turn when they end up working together for the good of others. Though both once stole jewelry, neither did it to make a huge profit, and whatever they lifted often ended up helping someone less fortunate. Ms. Hauf always manages to bring her characters to life with distinctive personalities and often nonconforming behavior, and I found her two main characters to definitely be original. THE THIEF is imaginative and packed with surprising incidents.

After Josephine Deveraux gave up her career of being a jewel thief, she came to live in a rural area far away from Paris. Now the current thrill in her life is what vegetables will be ready to pick next. While she may miss the excitement of pulling off a successful heist, the tranquil existence she enjoys on a daily basis is definitely less stressful. When someone breaks into her home and insists she steal a certain object, Josephine realizes the past that she thought was buried has resurfaced.

A quickly made plan to keep from once again becoming a thief does not go as hoped, and she ends up agreeing to snatch a valuable necklace. When Josephine goes to a gala in order to swipe the jewelry, it appears someone else is also after the piece. Xavier Lambert is also a former thief who presently works for the Elite Crimes Unit because he was given little choice after being caught. Now his talent is only used for good. But when there is competition to obtain an extravagant diamond necklace, the stakes of whom will come out on top is significantly raised with each new development.

When I read a story from Michele Hauf, I know there will be lots of amusement sprinkled throughout the many compelling scenes. From bantering comments to comical thoughts, various characters caused me to laugh in THE THIEF, as the author’s unique brand of humor is evident in how they conducted themselves at times. There is an adorable cat which had me smiling, and some bad guys who made me want to boo them, especially when they worked against what Josephine and Xavier wanted. A French setting is enchantingly realistic, whether the story is taking place out in the country or the streets of Paris. Ms. Hauf likes to set a book in this country, and it always amazes me in how she makes locations occurring anywhere in France seem so genuine.

THE THIEF is suspenseful plus emotional. There are several situations that are rather nerve-racking, and I was not exactly sure what would happen to Xavier and Josephine. These two are delightfully fun to watch interact with one another, as it is very difficult for either to trust easily. This makes for plenty of scenes where they disagree and even sometimes argue about a particular detail. While I do not condone thievery, Ms. Hauf had me really liking Josephine and Xavier despite their backgrounds, and I am looking forward to seeing what the next book in the series will involve.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  The Elite Crimes Unit

Publisher:   Lyrical Press

Releases:  April 11, 2017


Genre:  Suspense

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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