Their Christmas Miracle by Lynne Marshall

Unexpected feelings plus shocking circumstances make the second book in the Charity, Montana series very compelling and often moving. The small-town setting is perfectly delightful, where residents are charming and know one another. With the story taking place at Christmas time, plenty of celebrations are occurring and folks are in a festive mood. I enjoyed all the fun seasonal experiences, especially since I remember doing some of the very same things in years past. Characters are engagingly believable, and their everyday lives are depicted with realism. Lynne Marshall always writes truly convincing stores, and THEIR CHRISTMAS MIRACLE is affectingly emotional.

Since Tracy Blevin needs a little extra cash to help with her house payments, she occasionally works another job after her shift ends at the urgent care in Charity, Montana where she is a nurse. She enjoys baking, and making pies for Wood’s Café brings her much pleasure along with some money. Getting to interact with the diner’s owner is a bonus, but Hunter Wood seems content to keep things professional, so Tracy thinks friendship is all they will ever share.

After serving his sentence, Hunter wants to put the past behind him and have a brighter future. As he and Tracy become better acquainted when their work schedule overlaps, both begin to dream of possibilities that each feels will never become a reality. When an unanticipated event drastically alters Hunter’s life, his relationship with Tracy could also go in a new direction.

A standalone story, THEIR CHRISTMAS MIRACLE is about taking a risk and hoping the outcome will bring happiness. Hunter paid the price for a tragic mistake, and now he just wants to be respected and move forward. Working hard at his café takes up much of his time, but he has definitely noticed the intriguing Tracy who bakes some really delicious pies and also appeals to him. When he ends up the guardian of a young infant, he makes sure the boy is a priority in his life. I liked seeing how this man faced the obstacles of raising a child, and some were amusing while other instances were touching. Lynne Marshall had me smiling often during the scenes where little Adam was featured as those moments were certainly accurate.

Tracy has fears about giving love another chance, but being around Hunter as first a business partner and then his friend has her secretly wanting more. I never knew if this couple would let their feelings dictate their actions or if their mind would be in control. The author has her characters behave with genuine reactions, and just like real life, responses are not always in a person’s best interest. Honest emotions are why I always like reading a story written by Lynne Marshall.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Charity, Montana – Book 2

Publisher:  Tule Publishing

Releases:  November 7, 2017


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:   4 Stars

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